My Blue Nose Friends’ Milestone Celebration

Over 100 collectable characters!

It’s party time for My Blue Nose Friends! June 2012 marks the launch of five new characters – including the much-awaited 100th character to coincide with the fourth anniversary of the brand.

Treetops (no 98) is a lazy gorilla who loves nothing more than to sit and chill; although he’ll always happily swing by to help you out!

No 99 is My Blue Nose Friends Ocean, a  flamboyant sea turtle who will go to great depths for her friends; deep down she sees you as her best friend!

Ramble the centipede is No.100 – the non-stop centipede loves to walk and explore; follow in his footsteps and you’ll have tons of fun! this special edition 4-inch plush Friend is accented with shimmery gold fabric.

Shelter (no 101) is a quiet woodlouse who keeps himself to himself; underneath it all though he knows he’d have a ball with you.

Jewel the Corgi (no 102) – created in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Jewel is a proud corgi who’s a shining example of a good friend; to crown it all she’ll make you feel like a king or a queen!

New 8″ characters

Three “old” characters are also reintroduced in the larger 8″ size. Why not add them to your collection?

Large Chase the Jack Russell (no 69) – an energetic Jack Russell who is always on the go; you’d be barking mad to try and keep up with her!

Large Peekaboo (no 70) – a clumsy mole who always seems to be getting lost; though she’d swear blind that it’s never her fault!

Large My Blue Nose Friend Splash (no 71) – an ambitious octopus who has his tentacles all over the place; he’s a sucker for anything new!

About My Blue Nose Friends

My Blue Nose Friends launched in June 2008 with six collectable plush characters, each with its own unique number and personality. The brand, created by Carte Blanche Greetings, quickly developed a loyal following and expanded to include larger plush sizes, figurines, stationery and gifts.

Their latest figures reveal:

  • Over 7.3 million pieces of plush have been sold, enough to fill every seat in Wembley Stadium over 80 times!
  • Laid in a row, 4-inch My Blue Nose Friends would stretch over 400 miles – from Carte Blanche’s headquarters in Chichester, West Sussex, right up to the Scottish borders
  • On average 37,654 My Blue Nose Friends are sold every week, that’s ten per trading minute

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