How to Use Small Helium Cylinders

Tie a knot in your helium balloon

Small helium cylinders are lightweight and portable and ideal to create your own decorations for any party or event. Although all our disposable helium canisters are supplied with full instructions to allow you to inflate your helium balloons quickly and easily, we wanted to show you just how easy to use they were. Please note that latex balloons filled with helium gas will float for around 8 to 12 hours. For best results, we recommend you inflate your balloons one or two hours before the event. Foil balloons will stay afloat for 2 to 5 days.

Small Helium Canister and Balloons

1 – Open the box, take the canister, balloons and ribbon out and layout on work top. Screw the flexible, easy-fill nozzle on the cylinder.

Open Helium Tank Tap
2 – Turn the handle anti-clockwise to open the valve on the helium tank.

Put balloon onto helium canister nozzle
3 – Slip the balloon’s neck onto the black nozzle until it fits tightly around it.

Release the helium to inflate balloon
4 – Hold the balloon’s neck firmly between your thumb and finger and gently tilt the nozzle up or down to release the helium and inflate your balloon.

Tie a knot in your helium balloon
5 – Fill your balloon to the desired size and release the pressure on the nozzle to stop inflation. When inflating latex balloons, pinch the balloon tightly at the base the neck, remove from nozzle and tie a tight knot onto the balloon. When inflating foil balloons, simply remove from the nozzle as foil balloons are self sealing.

Helium Balloon inflated with small disposable canister
6 – Tie a ribbon around the balloon’s neck if required. When you have finished inflating your balloons, turn the tap clockwise to close the helium tank off.


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