Gift Tips Interview With Anouschka from Moustique

A new “gift tips” interview with Anoushka from Moustique web design.

1. What is the best gift you have ever received?

My best gift ever was from a lady who had a rather indecent relationship with my boss at the time. She gave me a Tiffany’s bracelet as a good-bye when she left him. It was totally unexpected and I had never even been to Tiffany’s but only knew it from the movies. It created such a nice unspoken connection between two women in a very strange and male-dominated environment. I am still wearing it today.

2. What is the worst present you have received?

An offensive-smelling perfume by my first boy friend when I was 17. I told him that I didn’t like women’s perfumes (I used men’s fragrances at the time) and he gave me the most musky, sweet thing he could find. It was just so standard and proved he hadn’t listened – I gave it to a friend straight away.

3. Who is the most difficult person you have to buy for?

My boy friend, he has got everything and is so particular.

4. Do you enjoy buying gifts?

It depends who the gift is for and the occasion. I most enjoy buying unexpected gifts for business friends and customers but find Christmas a bore.

5. What is your top gift buying tip?

Listen to your friends and relatives before you start looking for a gift. Make it personal rather than just expensive.

6. What are your favourite gift web sites?

Anuschka runs Moustique, a small web design company specialising in e-commerce.

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