Halloween Food for a Spooky Mood

If you’re throwing a Halloween party this year, then why not go that extra mile by being creative with your party food?

Whether you’re planning a sit down meal or a party buffet, with a little thought, you can soon create a creepy menu that will put your guests in a spooky mood.

Creepy main courses

Ghoul-ash is an obvious choice but you can also use a bit of imagination with other dishes. For instance, spaghetti meatballs can become worms and eyeballs – lovely thought! Check out our baked eyeballs in bloodsauce recipe for inspiration.

It’s also amazing what a little bit of food colouring can achieve. Ever fancied dishing up green mash potato? Just don’t blame me if your guests refuse to eat anything.

Devilish desserts

Dessert is the easiest course to turn deliciously devilish. Decorate fairy cakes with black icing and spider’s webs, serve up jelly with floating eyeballs (the sweetshop kind, please), drip blood red raspberry sauce over ice cream or you could even serve up one of our cans of chocolate worms or chocolates spiders. If you want to make your own treats with the kids check out our Halloween cupcake recipe and spooky Halloween spiders.

Spooky drinks

Then there are the drinks. For the adults, mixing orange juice with Blue Caracao delivers an interestingly green punch that could easily be mistaken for witches brew. But watch out, it can be equally potent!

For the kids, supermarkets sell brightly coloured fizzy pops. However you might want to check out the ingredients and additives or you could end up with some very hyper monsters at your Halloween party.

More freaky Halloween recipes

For a more conventional menu why not try to cook an easy pumpkin soup?

You can also check out Netmums Halloween party food section for more devilish delights that are easy to make with the kids.

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