Facing the Ghost of Nightmare Credit Card Bills

Reindeer Balloon

Continuing with our look at the ghosts of Christmas gift buying, we come to one of the most feared – the Ghost of Nightmare Credit Card Bills!

Often we manage to avoid seeing this ghost during the festive season by shutting our eyes and saying ‘I can’t see you’. But there comes a point, when this ploy no longer works. The Ghost of Nightmare Credit Card Bills is usually most visible on a grey morning early in January, when the appearance of a letter on the doormat sends a shiver down your spine.

But it can be beaten! Tackling this ghost head-on is our best advice. If you’re disciplined enough and can put a little bit of money away each week throughout the year, then you’ll find Christmas a much easier financial burden to bear.

You could set a budget for each person you have to buy Christmas gifts for and stick to your initial budget – a few pounds here and there will soon add up if you’ve a big family.

Some find it helpful to use cash instead of credit cards. When you can see the money you’re spending you’ll be less likely to overspend.

At Big Fat Balloons, we’ve a range of Christmas gifts to suit all budgets, so you needn’t fear this overspending ghost.

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