Graduation Gifts on a Budget

Graduation Balloon Gift

All those years of hard work and studying have paid off and students throughout the country are about to graduate from school, college or university. If a friend or a family member is about to graduate then you might be considering a graduation gift to congratulate them on their achievement.

But choosing a gift can be difficult, especially if you’re on a budget. To help you out, we’ve put together some great graduation gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

Graduation teddy bears are usually relatively cheap. A bottle of champagne – providing they’re over 18, of course – is also a safe bet.

A top up card for their mobile phone is a useful gift and a great way to encourage them to keep in touch.

However, for something more personal, fill an album with photos from their time at school, college or university.  It will make a wonderful keepsake.

Another personal idea that will bring back amazing memories is a CD or memory stick with their favourite songs from their time at school, college or university.  (Obviously, make sure that you download songs legally and don’t break copyright laws!)

If they’re about to leave home for university then put together a going-away hamper, filled with useful necessities like toiletries, food and drink. You can tailor the contents to your personal budget.

If they’re leaving home for the first time, then suitcases or other luggage are useful gifts. But if that’s stretching the budget, why not treat them to a guide book on the town or city that will be their new home?

For a gift that’s sure to make them smile, you could have a graduation balloon delivered directly to their home.

Whatever you choose to buy, don’t forget it’s the thought that counts and with a little thought, time and creativity, it’s possible to come up with a memorable gift that won’t cost a fortune.

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