How (NOT) to Choose a Birthday Present For a 3 Year Old

Last week I went to buy presents for my friend’s 3 year old twins’ birthdays. With over a week before the party, I had plenty of time to find gifts – so far, so good.

After dragging my own two screaming little boys out of a toyshop, I decided to buy her children clothes. As I struggle to keep control of my kids’ ever-expanding collection of toys, I thought my friend would be grateful for not adding clutter to her house.

Smug with my idea, I bought a pink body warmer for the little girl and some pyjamas for her brother – so far so good (or that’s what I thought).

Later in the week, we all went to the park together. As I commented on her daughter’s bright pink raincoat, my friend confessed that she hated the coat – given by some relative. Sadly her daughter loved it and refused to wear anything else.

Let’s hope she likes pink body warmers more than bright pink raincoats…

Maybe I should have followed my own advice “Clothes are usually best avoided, chances are that you will get the style, size or colour wrong and the recipient will feel forced to wear it at least once in front of you. If in doubt stick to clothes vouchers!” (8 gift ideas to avoid). Or I could have looked on my own web site for a 3rd Birthday gift idea and picked the balloon pictured here.

I’ll pop the receipt in the bag so she can always swap it! Fingers crossed!

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