Paddington Bear’s 50th Birthday

It’s 50 years since Paddington was first discovered on a railway platform by Mr and Mrs Brown.

While his “Dad” Michael Bond has written a new Paddington Bear adventure – Paddington Here and Now, and many more celebratory events are planned, we are pleased to introduce a new range of 50th anniversary cuddly Paddington bears.

For the perfect nostalgic feel the bears are styled after the 70’s Paddington television series.

The new bears will make perfect collectable gifts for all Paddington fans and include:

Large Cuddly Paddington Bear (pictured here) – wearing his traditional blue duffle coat and black hat, this bear stands 15″ (38cm) tall. £19.99.

Paddington Bear in Presentation Box – a 50th anniversary bear with soft shaggy, light brown fur, traditional blue duffle coat and black hat in a decorated presentation box. This cute Paddington stands 9″ (22cm). £12.99.

50th Anniversary Paddington in a Bag – with soft shaggy, light brown fur, this 5.5″ (14cm) Paddington Bear peeps out of his authentically designed Paddington Bear bag. £6.99.

Hope you enjoy them!

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  1. Cool! I’ve been wanting one of these for ages. Not the ones with the red hats, but these from the TV show. Now I can show my boys how he used to look when I watched him on the telly as a kid.

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