Hi-Float – The Key To Long Lasting Balloon Decorations

Hi-Float is a treatment that allows helium filled latex balloons to float up to 25 times longer. Un-treated balloons usually float for 8 to 12 hours – with Hi-Float, they will last for over a week. It is ideal to:

  • Decorate an exhibition or stand
  • Create lasting party decorations
  • Free more time for last minute preparations – as you can inflate your balloons in advance

How to use Hi-Float

Hi-Float is easy to use so anyone can achieve professional results.

How to use Hi-Float

Slide the balloon onto the pump as far as possible to inject Hi-Float deep inside. Push the pump as far as it will go. Remove the balloon and pinch its neck to keep the solution out of the stem.

Rub Hi-Float all over the inside of the balloon

Gently rub the body of the balloon between your fingers to coat the liquid all over the inside surface. Inflate with helium as usual and tie a knot. It’s that simple!

Pre-treating with Hi-Float

If you have a lot of balloons, you can pre-treat them several days in advance and save time on the day. Here is how to do it:

  • Treat balloons with the correct amount of Hi-Float
  • Gently rub the latex to spread the solution all over the inner surface
  • Gather your balloons in groups of 10 and tie the necks together with ribbon or a rubber band. This will stop the coating from drying out
  • Leave at room temperature for up to one week.
  • Before inflating, gently rub the balloons to re-spread the Hi-Float inside
  • Inflate and tie as normal

Tips to make your helium filled latex balloons last longer

  • Add the full recommended amount of Hi-Float for maximum efficiency of the treatment
  • Inflate the balloons to their full size. While it is normal for treated latex balloons to not have much upward lift when first inflated, they should float straight up. If they lean to one side or don’t float at all, you might need to add more helium. When the treatment has dried – usually after a couple of hours, they should regain full floating power.
  • Once inflated, keep the balloons in mild conditions. 20C to 26C is ideal. Extreme temperatures, high humidity or exposure to direct sunlight will all shorten floating life. In cold weather, make sure you keep the balloons in a heated location for the first few hours so the treatment can dry. Hi-Float does not begin to hold in helium until it is dry.
  • Pearlised and metallic balloons float about a third less than standard colours.
  • Hand tie the balloons with tight knots. This will lock the helium in much better than if you use discs or clips

Ultra Hi-FloatFrequently asked questions

What is Hi-Float and how does it work?

Hi-Float is an aqueous solution containing a special water soluble plastic. The glue like material dries inside the latex balloon to form a barrier coating which helps to hold in the helium and increase the floating life.

Is it safe?

Yes. Hi-Float is non-toxic, non-irritating, non-corrosive, non flammable, and biodegradable. In fact, it is very similar to the adhesive found on the back of postage stamps. You can wash it off the skin with water. If accidentally splashed into the eyes, flush with water for several minutes. Although it is non toxic, we recommend to keep it away from small children.

Does it work on foil balloons?

No it is for use on latex balloons only. Foil balloons are not buoyant enough and will not float if treated.

Is it suitable for use with your Disposable helium cylinders?

Yes it is ideal for use with both normal and disposable helium canisters.

Can you use it with illoom balloons?

Yes you can use Hi-Float with illooms. Just pull the tab before treatment and follow the instructions as normal.

You can buy Hi-Float on our website and check out our full range of party balloons, weights, ribbons and accessories.

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