Here it is!

After over a year of planning, and many, many days spent hunched over our computers, Tim and I finally launched the Big Fat Balloons web site last week!

For those who are wondering – Big Fat Balloons is an online shop that delivers helium filled balloons and other small gifts (although our chocolates and teddy bears are not online yet).

I haven’t been so giddy in a long time! After the initial euphoria – and a few orders, we are back on our computers. We have yet to add teddy bears, chocolates and the facility to allow people to buy balloon bouquets too.

We also wonder about delivery charges! What would be more attractive to the customer?

  • £14.94 and Free Delivery
  • £10.99 and £3.95 Delivery
  • £11.99 and £2.95 Delivery

What do you think? Leave your comments here
I have asked a lot of people but opinions seem to be split. Not so easy to know what to do for the best.

The feedback so far from friends and family has been good with comments like “It’s different – not just boring flowers!”, “They are attractive, fun and easy to order”.

Now all we need is more orders!

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