Gift Tips Interview with Life Coach Lyn Burgess

In this interview, Lyn Burgess, a life coach who founded the Magic Key Partnership, shares her tips on buying gifts.

What is the best gift you have ever received?

An antique necklace. It was an original idea from someone I hadn’t known very long.  A completely unexpected, beautiful and welcome surprise.

What is the worst present you have received?

A Gardeners Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers from my colleagues at work for my 40th birthday.  I think a book token would have been preferable!!!

Who is the most difficult person you have to buy for?

Parents.  They don’t really ‘need’ anything. Most things collect dust in a corner!

Do you enjoy buying gifts?

I always like to buy something ‘appropriate’.  There has to be some meaning behind it.  I like the wrapping up and giving it to them.

What is your top gift buying tip?

Plan ahead, but keep your eyes peeled for inspiration, its often where you least expect it.

What are your favourite gift web sites?

I Want One of Those.


Lyn Burgess is a life coach running The Magic Key Partnership .  As a specialist in the film and television industry, Lyn has experience of working with hundreds of producers, directors, writers and actors over the last 6 years since the company was established in 2002.

Having previously worked in various operational roles, including Human Resources Director, for a number of years within the financial services industry, her philosophy on management has always taken a coaching bias.

The client base for The Magic Key Partnership includes emerging talent as well as Bafta winners and her clients include those making films with micro to multi million pound budgets, and those working within continuing drama on television.

Much of Lyn’s work with clients revolves around career – keeping things in perspective, improving motivation for freelancers, transition from one role to another, building up confidence and networking for career development.

The Magic Key Partnership runs workshops on a monthly basis and one to one coaching for clients via email, telephone or Skype.

As Board member and Chair of the Events Committee of WFTV (Women in Film and TV), Lyn is also on the Executive Board of the NPA (New Producers Alliance) and on two on their sub committees.  She is or has been a recent member of the following organisations: Raindance, RTS, DFG and Stellar Network.


Lyn Burgess
0845 129 7401
07801 366418

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