Sesame Street Mr Snuffleupagus

Aloysius Snuffleupagus (a.k.a. Mr Snufflepagus or Snuffy) resembles a brown woolly mammoth, without tusks or (visible) ears. He is four years old and loves to play with his best friend Big Bird.

Although until 1985 Big Bird was the only one to see Snuffleupagus (adults on the show claimed he did not exist and was Big Bird’s imaginary friend), Snuffy is a regular member of the Sesame Street cast, even appearing in episodes without Big Bird.

The two share many adventures and help each other make sense of their world. Like most 4-year-olds, Snuffy is still learning how to cope with simple things, and his first impulse is often to give up. But with encouragement from his feathered friend and the other Sesame Street characters, he usually finds a solution to his problems.

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Snuffy Soft Toys

Sesame Street Mr Snuffleupagus – a 43cm (17″) creature manufactured by Gund. Made of soft brown fur, Snuffy has large embroidered eyes and resembles a woolly mammoth, without tusks or (visible) ears. He is very popular with toddlers and kids who will be quick to adopt him as a new family member. £14.99

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