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Gift wrapped Belgian Chocolates

Finally, we come to the sneakiest of all the Christmas gift buying ghosts – the Ghost of Disappearing Time. This one will creep up on you when you’re not looking and suddenly you’ll realise that you’re days away from Christmas with a pile of presents still to buy!

Organisation and preparation, as explained in beating the Ghost of Last Minute Christmas Gifts and the Ghost of Indecision, both help to banish this ghost. However, there is another trick you can use – delegation.

Don’t try to do everything yourself. Give your husband, wife, partner, significant other, a list of Christmas gifts that they can buy on your behalf. If family members offer to help with Christmas dinner, let them. The old saying ‘many hands make light work’ certainly rings true at Christmas.

Another time-saving trick is to buy Christmas gifts online. In fact, online Christmas shopping can save you hours. Just think, no more sore feet from trailing around the shops, no more waiting in queues to pay for your Christmas gifts and no more traffic jams as you try to return home.

Many online stores, including Big Fat Balloons offer guaranteed “before Christmas” delivery dates, so you can be confident that your Christmas gifts will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas Day.

And if all else fails – cheat! Many stores offer Christmas gift wrapping services. Alternatively, gift bags are a quick way to wrap awkward-shaped Christmas gifts.

Follow our guidelines and the ghosts of Christmas’s past will stay well and truly hidden, allowing you to get into the spirit of Christmas.

Here’s wishing that your Christmas present and Christmas’s future are organised, relaxed and lots of fun.

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