Men in charge on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year when, as a man, you really do have to stand up and be counted.

Not only are you responsible for making sure that your own mum is feeling loved and appreciated on Mother’s Day, but if you have kids then it’s up to you to make sure that your wife or partner is also being treated like a princess.

Unfortunately this responsibility probably lasts until your kids are old enough to not only have a credit card of their own, but also to pay the bill!

With younger children, you’ll be the one in charge of taking them to the shops to buy the card and present. Alternatively, you’ll have the messy job of supervising them while they make their own gifts!

As a father of older children, although you may be surplus to requirements when it comes to the actual shopping trip, no doubt your wallet will be their first port of call.

Another word of warning to dads of younger children – you’ll probably be in for an early start on Mothering Sunday. Supervising young kids as they serve up breakfast in bed for mum is a wise move. Believe me, a trip to A&E is definitely not where a mum wants to be taken on Mother’s Day!


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