At last they’re here!

We just took delivery of lots of teddy bears from Gund and Rainbow Designs– they look real good. Well made with very soft fur.

The children (2 and 3 years old) were somewhat puzzled – wondering why Mummy had so many bears, and why they could not play with them.

They helped a bit with counting them and started to get their own very large collection of animals out… Guess who had to put them away!

Of course all these bears (together with a few elephants, rabbits and dogs) are looking for new homes. We are hoping to put them up for “adoption” on the web site in the next few days!

If you have any more ideas about what you would like to buy with helium balloons, bears and chocolates please post your suggestions here.

We will also add a selection of chocolates for those with a sweet tooth.

We’ve had a few good ideas already – disposable cameras, champagne, party stuff… Keep them coming!

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