Disposable Helium Canisters – Frequently Asked Questions

Disposable Helium Cylinder

Where are the instructions to use the disposable helium canisters?

Our disposable helium tanks are easy to use and full instructions are provided with each canister. You can also view the instructions online by checking our “How to use small helium cylinders” page.

What do I do with the empty helium cylinder?

The steel tanks are fully recyclable, here is how to dispose of them when they are empty:

  1. Carry your empty helium cylinder outside and close the valve by turning it clockwise
  2. Using your hand or a wrench unscrew and remove the rubber filling nozzle from the tank
  3. Open the valve by turning it anti-clockwise. Doing this will release any residual pressure still in the helium canister
  4. Once these steps are completed simply dispose of the cylinder with the rest of your household waste, take it to a steel recycling centre or place it with other kerbside recycling products.

Can I refill the helium tank?

Disposable helium canisters cannot be refilled with any material. They are designed to be non-refillable, so customers have the convenience of filling helium balloons using a lightweight and easy to handle cylinder.

What kit varieties are available?

Our disposable canisters are available in two sizes with or without balloons.

Is the product safe for children to use?

Helium-filled balloons are a safe way to bring fun to any event. However, we do recommend to keep all content of our kits out of reach of children. Children under the age of 8 can choke or suffocate on uninflated or burst balloons, so please discard any burst balloons and keep uninflated ones of the reach of children.

Do not allow anyone to inhale helium, and use our products in a well ventilated space. Inhaling helium can cause asphyxiation or suffocation, which may lead to serious injury or death.

Can I use a disposable helium canister to inflate foil balloons?

Yes, you can use disposable tanks to inflate foil balloons. You can inflate up to 24 x 18” foils with our large cylinder and 14 with the small one.

Is there any way to tell when the cylinder is almost empty?

As the gas is used up, the balloons will fill more slowly. The slower they fill, the closer the tank is to being empty. Weight is not a good indication of how much helium you have left because there is very little difference between the weight of a full tank and an empty one.

Why didn’t the tank fill all the balloons?

The disposable canisters contain enough gas to fill the supplied number of balloons at the designated size.

However, if you choose to use balloons other than those supplied, over-inflate or lose any helium, you may not be able to fill the amount of balloons indicated.

To prevent gas waste and leakage while filling, please ensure that you have a good grip on the balloon neck. Our disposable canisters will inflate approximately:

  • Large model – 50 x 9″ or 23 x 11″ latex balloons or 24 x 18″ foils
  • Small model – 30 x 9″ or 13 x 11″ latex balloons or 14 x 18″ foils

Why wasn’t there enough ribbon in the kit?

For best results we recommend you trim the ribbon into 4 foot strips; one for each balloon, before you start inflating.

How long will the balloons float?

Latex balloons filled with helium will float for around 8 to 12 hours, foils will stay afloat for 2 to 5 days.For more info, check out our “Helium Balloons – How Long do They Last” post.

Float time can vary significantly based on the level of inflation (under-inflation, normal inflation or over-inflation), size of the balloon (9″, 11″ 18″) and external factors such as temperature and humidity – balloons float longer in colder temperatures and in higher humidity.

For best results, we recommend inflating latex balloons 1-2 hours before the event. If you want to inflate the day before the party or event – please use Hi-Float treatment (see below).

What can I do to make latex balloons float longer?

There are a few things you can do to help increase float time. First, tie a very tight knot in the neck of the balloon. If you are using ribbons, attach the ribbon below the knot.

For special occasions that require a long floating, we recommend you use with Hi-Float. It is an easy to use treatment for latex balloons that will enable them to stay inflated for over a week.  Hi-float is ideal if you are decorating an exhibition or stand and your balloons need to float for a number of days. It also allows you to inflate them ahead of your party or event – freeing more time for last minute preparations.

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  1. Why can’t the canisters be reused.

  2. Those small canisters are designed to be used jut once. Larger canisters are refillable. I guess it all comes down to the targeted markets and costs involved.

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