Creepy Halloween Party Tips – Spooky Decorations, Costumes & Food

Our creepy Halloween party tips will help you add some mischievous fun to the occasion. From haunting Halloween decorations, to Ghoulish costumes and food and sweets to gross out your guests, you will find all you need for an eerie celebration.

Don’t pull the curtains, turn off the lights and hide behind the sofa all evening – join the spooky fun!

Halloween illoom Balloons - Flashing Ghost1 – Creepy Halloween decorations

The first thing to consider is the decorations. You’ll be amazed at the range of accessories you can buy- from glow in the dark pumpkins to fake cobwebs with spiders.

Halloween balloons are a quick, easy and relatively cheap way to create impressive decorations. The illoom balloons will glow in the dark and create a perfect Halloween mood. Choose from orange illooms, pumpkin illooms or the flashing ghost illoom balloon or mix all three. You can scatter your balloons on the floor or tie them up by your front door. You can even inflate them with helium for full floating Halloween lights.

Mounted on a balloon stick, they will also make an unusual trick or treat accessory.

Remember that no Halloween decorations are complete without a pumpkin.  They’re surprisingly easy to carve, just spoon out the pulp and seeds and cut out eyes, nose and mouth. Add a tea light and you’re away!

Halloween Zombie Costume2 – Ghoulish costumes, make up and accessories

While shops are full of Halloween costumes for children and adults of all ages, you can easily create your own zombie style look with a few old clothes and a bit of make up.

Fake blood is easy to use and surprisingly realistic. See on the right an example of what you can achieve in a few minutes with white and black make up and fake blood. Rip and stain some old clothes and that’s it.

Please note – If you are using fake blood apply it at the end. You might also want to spend a bit more and buy quality make up as some cheaper alternatives can stain badly.

Remember that a few well chosen accessories will finish off your look. Wands, plastic weapons, devil horns will all compliment your costume.

3 – Spooky Halloween food 

Halloween is the perfect time to be creative with party food. With a little imagination, it’s easy to create a creepy menu that will put your guests in a spooky mood.

You can use food colourings to turn ordinary foods into devilish delicacies. Just imagine blue mash potatoes, green orange juice or red fairy cakes – just don’t blame me if your guests refuse to eat!

For more freaky food ideas check out our Halloween food for a spooky mood post. If you want to try a more conventional dish, why not prepare our pumpkin soup recipe?

White Chocolate Maggots4 – Crazy-scary Halloween sweets

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without sweets. Our range of novelty chocolates are out of the ordinary sweets that are sure to make everyone lose their appetite. Creepy chocolate spiders or chocolate worms are all treats (if you can call them treats) that are sure to gross out your guests. They will also make perfect take home gifts for children if you are throwing a party.

If you don’t want to put your guests off chocolate for ever, why not try chocolate pizzas or chocolate coins?

For more Halloween party tips, check out our A Tricky Problem for a Halloween Party article.

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