Five Spooky Halloween Party Ideas

Get ready for the scariest time of the year with our top six spooky Halloween party ideas.  Whether you’re throwing a party or just preparing for a night of trick or treating, we’ve some great Halloween ideas that will put you in the haunting mood.

1 – Glow sticks

Create a ghostly glow with colourful, fun, glow in the dark, light sticks. Arm your Halloween party guests with glow stick bracelets, necklaces and wands or pop them in their party bags. Easy to activate and loved by kids of all ages, glow sticks are fun Halloween items – perfect to accessorise your outfit to go trick or treating.

2 – Terrifying Halloween party balloon deliveries

For Halloween ideas that will scare them silly, send one of our Halloween Balloon gifts. Imagine the look on their face when they open a great big gift box and one of our spooky helium balloons pops out! Perhaps you’ll have them rolling on the floor with laughter, as one of our Walking Monster balloons peeps out at them!

With a wide range to choose from, including pumpkins, ghosts, monsters, vampire teeth or eye ball balloons your biggest problem will be deciding which balloon will scare them most!

3-  Creepy chocolates 

Get your own back on the kids (and grown ups!) this year by handing out our scary novelty chocolates. Fill their trick or treat bags with chocolate spiders.

Why not test how brave the little monsters really are, by offering them chocolate worms? Yet, despite their revolting look, you’ll discover our scary-shaped chocolates are disgustingly delicious and make fun Halloween gift ideas.

4 – Light up balloons for fun Halloween decorations

Have you heard of illoom balloons? These child-safe glow in the dark party balloons contain a tiny LED, which makes them glow for up to 15 hours. Casting a haunting light, they will add the finishing spooky touches to your Halloween decorations.

Why not hang them outside your front door to scare away (or more likely entice) any trick or treat monsters passing by? Or go out with your own illuminated balloons to add fun to the evening.

They are easy to operate too, just pull the tab to activate the light and blow up the balloon as usual.

5 – More balloon decorations for ghoulish gatherings

If you’re looking for Halloween items to decorate your party then our themed Halloween party balloons are a must. Party balloons range from plain colours to seasonal prints.

Our helium canisters will add a professional touch to your party. Read our Must-Have Balloon Accessories to Create Stunning Balloon Decorations  and How to Make a Helium Balloon Arch posts for more tips on creating stunning balloon decorations for parties.

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