Need Help With Marriage Proposal Ideas?

As might be expected on Valentine’s day most of the balloons and gifts we sent were “love messages”. Quite a few customers wished to remain anonymous and left recipients wondering who their admirer was.

A few customers even sent marriage proposals and signed their messages. While I hope all proposals were accepted, it strikes me how difficult it might be to come up with an original idea to pop the question.

For those who need a little help, here are some of the wildest marriage proposal ideas I found after browsing the Internet and quizzing a few friends – I hope this helps you find some inspiration!

  • While returning from a romantic holiday or weekend break, arrange for the flight attendant to announce your proposal over the intercom (don’t try this if your boyfriend or girlfriend is shy)
  • Some cinemas have paid advertisement screens before the film begins. Call your local cinema and see if you can arrange to propose to your honey on the big screen! (Not cheap if at all possible)
  • If you know anyone who works for the local police, ask them to pull your beloved over and issue them a ticket with your proposal written on it (has anyone actually done this?)
  • Propose via email, chat rooms, on your blog or build a web site just for your loved one – good if you’re shy
  • Write it out in glow stars on your ceiling. Just wait until the lights go out!
  • Have your proposal printed on a billboard they’ll see during the commute home
  • Arrange to have a banner tied behind a plane and flown above your loved one
  • Tuck your proposal message into a fortune cookie
  • Take out an ad in the newspaper

Just ask! My husband’s marriage proposal was not overly romantic – he just popped the question while I was washing up and although I initially thought he was joking, I still accepted! Good Luck!


Are you looking for help with marriage proposals ideas. Why not send this cute “I Love You Teddy Bear” and let him do all the talking? You can even open the red velour box he carries and slip your engagement ring in it!

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  1. I thought it might be useful to let you know that we now have a “Will You Marry Me Balloon” – perfect to help you pop the question!

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