Look to the future

Be patient… look to the future.

At least that’s what I’m trying to tell myself right now.

For years I have been telling clients that getting good search engine rankings is quite simple – you simply need to know a few rules, apply them when you build your site and sit back.

However it can take as long as 9 to 12 months to generate good search engine traffic from free listings. So patience is a must, taken you did things right in the first place, Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other search engines will find their way to your site, index it and in time rank the pages for appropriate key words.

I have explained this to many clients and seen great results happen just as the client was starting to think the whole thing was not working. But you know what? Even though Big Fat Balloons has only been online short of 3 weeks, I find myself biting my nails, crossing my fingers, legs and toes – and hoping the simple search engine magic works one more time!

Are you wondering “That’s great, but what are those basic rules?”

Let me put your mind at rest – I will keep no secrets! Over the next few days I will post:

Sophie’s 7 Basic Rules to Getting Your Web Site Listed on Search Engines

  1. Focus on the right key words
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Get the content right
  4. Get the site’s code right
  5. Register the site with all major directories
  6. Remember – build your site for visitors, not search engines
  7. Relax! (maybe I should start with the last one!)

I’ve found these rules work, time and time again (fingers crossed!).

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