A Man’s Guide to Buying Great Gifts for Women

If you’re often left wondering what gift to buy your wife, partner, girlfriend, sister or mother, follow our 11 step man’s guide to buying great gifts for women.

You will find out how easy it can be to generate great gift ideas for women. It will (fingers crossed) help you make the right gift choices for the women in your life – ensuring you get in their good books and stay there.

1. Remember important dates – if like me you struggle to remember birthdays and other important dates, simply keep a list in your wallet or diary. Set reminders at least two weeks before the occasion, so you have plenty of time to choose a gift. You’ll see your popularity with women grow as you start remembering special days.

2. Do your gift homework! – pay attention and listen for hints when women are talking about hobbies, favourite shops or simply when they say “Oh yeah, I fancy that but I can’t justify buying it for myself .” Write down any gift ideas straight away and you’ll find you have a few good ideas next time you want to buy her a gift. Please note: knowing their clothes sizes, food, music and books preferences will also help you come up with gift ideas.

3. Ask for help – sales assistants, work colleagues, friends and family will all be happy to help you choose gifts for women.

4. Wrap your gifts beautifully – irrespective of the cost of the gift, wrap and present it beautifully if you want to impress. Remember to remove the price tags and keep receipts in your wallet rather than in the gift’s carrier bag. Finishing touches take a little effort but can make a big impact.

6. Build-up your own “gift directory”
– keep a list of favourite shops, florists, restaurants and hotels in your phone or diary. Bookmark your favourite gifts websites and subscribe to their e-newsletters – they might become a great source of gift ideas.

7. Keep your eyes and ears open for original gifts all year around – if you find something that would make a great gift for your partner, Mum or daughter… follow your instinct: buy it, wrap it, tag it! If you think to yourself “That would be the perfect present for her” chances are that it is the perfect gift for them.

8. Be regular with your gifts – although in most cases gifts and kind gestures are appreciated, don’t suddenly go overboard. Your wife or girlfriend might get suspicious.

9. Don’t make excuses – with the internet, phone and mail order, “I’m sorry, I didn’t have time” just won’t cut it. If you have forgotten her birthday or an other important date make up for it straight away – a belated gift or sorry gift will be much better than no gift at all.

10. Give surprise gifts
– buy an unexpected gift like a balloon in a box or some flowers once in a while, you could even get it delivered to her work place. Or take her out to her favourite restaurant. Women just love surprises!

11. Be generous with your time and attention – although time and attention alone won’t do for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or Valentine’s day, they will be much appreciated on a day to day basis. Take a walk together, listen to her over a cup of tea, wash the dishes, share a joke…

Good luck!

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