The Place of Choice for Balloon Delivery

That’s exactly what I would like Big Fat Balloons to become – the place of choice for balloon delivery.

I think we should strive to be as good as we possibly can, so it is comforting when we get feedback that tells us we are heading in the right direction.

Arabella Dymoke from The Good Web Guide recently emailed me announcing they’d reviewed our site. She wrote “We love your website and the balloons. It’s a great idea with good prices. You’re onto a winner.”

I know that she’s probably hoping to sell us some advertising soon, but Big Fat Balloons now has a full-page review on The Good Web Guide. The review is very thorough and looking at the other web sites featured there The Good Web Guide standards are very good.

Visitors have even started to click through from the review to our site. Now let’s just hope it brings orders too! If it does, I would certainly consider buying advertising on The Good Web Guide.

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