How to Put a Balloon Inside a Balloon

Learn to inflate double helium balloons to create stunning party decorations

You might have seen them at birthdays, weddings or other parties and events – a clear outer balloon with another balloon inside. It is not as complicated as it looks and with a disposable helium canister you can create interesting and unexpected decorations without using a professional decorator.

Two latex balloons, a straw and some helium

1 – Choose two latex balloons – for best results, use a diamond clear one for the outside and a coloured one inside. You can create different effects using a combination of plain and printed balloons to suit the occasion.

Insert the straw in the coloured balloon and roll it around it

Using the straw, insert the coloured balloon inside the clear one

2 – Take a straw, chopstick or any similar object and insert into the inner balloon. Roll it on the stick and feed it into the clear one, but leave the neck sticking out.

Inflate both balloons together to about 9 inches

Tie a knot on the inner balloon only

3 – Slide both balloon necks over the helium cannister‘s nozzle and inflate to about 9 inches. Remove the balloon from the valve and tie off the inner balloon only.

Helium balloon inside a balloon

4 – Push the knot over to the side and place the neck of the outer balloon over helium tank’s nozzle. Inflate to about 11 inches. Make a strong knot.

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