How to Use Balloon Sticks for Best Results

The advantages of using balloon sticks

Cost effective

If you plan to hand out balloons at parties or events but have a tight budget, balloon sticks can be very cost effective. As you can inflate the balloons with air, there is no-need for helium which can be expensive.


Balloons on sticks are filled with air and will last for days. This means they can be inflated in advance of your party or event to save time on the day for other preparations.

Can double up as party decorations too

If you display them in vases or containers filled with sand or pebbles, your balloons will make cheerful decorations too.

Types of balloon cups and sticks

There are two types of balloon sticks, a one piece balloon cup and sticks and a two piece version which includes separate cup and a stick elements which need to be fitted together. If you are giving your balloons to children, we recommend using the one piece balloon sticks for safety as there are no small or detachable parts.

How to use balloon sticks

Balloon sticks are easy to use. To get started, inflate your latex balloons with air using a balloon pump.

Tie a knot in the balloon. To do this, stretch the neck of the balloon as much as possible and make a loop. Pass the end of the balloon through the loop and pull the knot tight.

Now you are ready to attach the balloon to the stick. Take the flat balloon stick and pivot to form the cup as shown on picture.

Tie a balloon to a one piece balloon cup and stick

Sit the base of the balloon on the cup, pulling the neck through and giving it a good stretch. Secure the neck of the balloon into the bottom left slot. Pull the neck up and secure through the top left slot, across to the top right slot, then pull down through the back and into the bottom right slot.

Latex Balloon Mounted on Cup and Stick
Please Note: While I do recommend tying knots for best results, if you have a large quantity of balloons to prepare, you can skip the knotting step and save your time and fingers! Instead, simply twist the neck of the balloon and follow the steps above to attach it to the stick.

You can use balloon sticks with all latex balloons including light up balloons.

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