New Frog Walking Balloon

The new Frog Walking Balloons have just arrived in stock and they are already hopping out fast. In recent days I have been asked a few times by customers what walking balloons are.

If you haven’t seen these popular balloons before, unlike traditional helium balloons, they are not tied to a string and weight and do not float up towards the ceiling.

Instead, walking balloons have slightly weighted feet. This means the balloon does not rise,but  hovers just above the floor. If you set off pulling the string behind you, your animal balloon will obediently follow – “walking” behind you like a well-trained pet.

Needless to say – It’s hard not to smile and giggle (and I don’t care how old you are), as a frog or cow or even a chicken, pokes its head out of a large box and then follows you around the room!

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