Graduation Gift Buying Etiquette – to Buy or not to Buy?

Graduation Teddy Bear Gift

It’s that time of year again when students throughout the country are graduating from school, college or university.

If someone you know is graduating this year, then naturally you’ll want to congratulate them on their achievement.  But then the question of how you express your congratulations arises, and you might well find yourself facing a dilemma – do you buy them a graduation gift or would a card be enough?

The first step is to determine how close you are to the graduate. After all, your relationship with the graduate and his or her family is the main consideration when deciding whether or not to buy them a graduation gift.

If it’s the son or daughter of a friend or a cousin, niece or nephew then a graduation or congratulations card will probably suffice.

However, if it’s your son or daughter, or you’re particularly close to the graduate, then a graduation gift that acknowledges their achievement would be appropriate.

If it’s the son or daughter or a close friend, you might have to make a decision that will set a precedent. If you buy their child a gift on graduation, they’ll no doubt feel obliged to return the sentiment as and when your child graduates (presuming you have children).

It might also be worth considering that graduation gifts have become much more popular in recent years, so you can now find a range of graduation themed gifts to suit all budgets. This allows you to choose anything from a small keepsake to a more substantial gift depending on how close you are to the graduate.

Our graduation teddy bears and graduation balloons are all affordable gifts to mark this special occasion.

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