New My Blue Nose Friends – Gossip, Snugs, Oasis and Peers

My Blue Nose Friends - Oasis, Snugs, Peers and Gossip

We have just added the latest additions to the popular My Blue Nose Friends range by Me to You. As usual, each one has a name, number and personal profile and all of them have patches and a little blue nose. Choose your favourite characters to send to friends and relatives or collect them all!

New Blue Nose Friends include:

Blue Nose Friend Oasis the Camel No 74 – Oasis is the honest camel who would never take you for a ride; stay truthful to her and she won’t get the hump.

Blue Nose Friend Gossip No 75 –  the tongue-wagging lizard who always has a lot to say; if you try to interrupt him he’ll always have the last word!

Blue Nose Friend Snugs No 76 – the cuddly chinchilla who always has time for a hug; as long as you welcome her with open arms.

Blue Nose Friend Peers No 77 – the nosy meerkat who loves to be involved in everything; he just wants to stand up and be counted.

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