Gift Ideas Interview with Heather Waring from Walkers’ Coach

In this interview Heather Waring from Walkers’ Coach explains how she believes that a good gift needs to match the recipient’s personality. Read on to find out more and pick up some good gift tips!

What is the best gift you have ever received?

An anniversary present to a wonderful place in the west coast of Scotland where we went to celebrate our 5th anniversary.

It’s the sort of place you have to stay overnight as you go there by boat and then after a fantastic 7 course dinner, you are there for breakfast the following day. As I am a real foodie, this was just spot on for me and was somewhere I had wanted to go for ages. Sadly now, it no longer exists as it was in the past, so I am so glad we went for it.

What is the worst present you have received?

A bouquet for a major birthday which had none of my favourite flowers and arrived on a morning when we were heading off for three days. They didn’t check that I would be there before they sent it and the flowers were rustic and not at all “me”.

Who is the most difficult person you have to buy for?

It was my dad. He had no hobbies or outside interests and was very work orientated so present buying was a nightmare.

Do you enjoy buying gifts?

I love it. I love trying to find something that is just ‘the person’ I am buying for and that usually means buying something that is different and a bit funky.

What is your top gift buying tip?

It has to be buy things when you see them, whenever and wherever you are. I buy pressies when I am on holidays, away for the day and when browsing new sites on the web. When I see something that will really suit a particular person, I just get it and put it in the present box. It really takes the pressure off birthdays and Christmas.

What are your favourite gift web sites?


Heather’s dream is to bring the world back to walking. There are so many wonderful benefits as a result of walking both physical and psychological and through her work, Heather introduces her clients to these and sees them blossom. Walkers’ Coach runs, short, medium and long walks, trek training, fitness and weightloss training and provides a safe and supportive environment for people to air their challenges and find a solution. To find out how Walkers’ Coach can help you, check out their website.

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