Graduation Gifts – Useful or Frivolous?

Graduation Bear

If you’re thinking about buying a graduation gift for a loved one then you might want to consider if you want a gift that will be of real benefit or simply something fun?

Why not check out our useful versus frivolous graduation gift ideas before you decide:

Useful graduation gifts

If they’re continuing in education then books relating to their future studies or planned career are a useful and money-saving idea.  Equally, a subscription to a quality newspaper or journal can help and inform their learning.

If the graduate is moving away, a ‘places to see, things to do’ type guide-book can be helpful, while travel or self-help books can be extremely inspirational.

Although not as exciting as some gifts, they might appreciate a travel card or seasonal pass that will save them money on bus and train fares in the future.

For more generous budgets, check out the electronic stores.  Toasters, kettles and irons are useful gadgets for anyone leaving home for the first time (well, maybe forget the iron).  Meanwhile, laptops are a necessity for most students, and would make welcome gifts.

Frivolous graduation gifts

Anything goes for this section, whether it’s a graduation bear, chocolates or a favourite novel or CD.  If you feel like doing a bit of detective work, find out what their favourite perfume or aftershave is and give them a treat.

For something that little bit different, why not encourage them to expand their horizons with an experience gift?  Whether it’s driving a Ferrari, white water rafting or a pamper day, there’s bound to be something to excite.

If, after all these ideas, you’re still not sure what to give, then you can always send them one of our graduation balloons!

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