Focus on the right key words

Before you start it is worthwhile ensuring you are focussing on the right key words. It is not much use if your site ranks high for key words that no one searches for.

Here’s how to pick key phrases that people search on, key phrases that will bring traffic to your site.

  1. Use a key work research tool such as Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery. For a small fee they will enable you to pick keywords people really search for!
    My favourite is Keyword Discovery – it brings back great data, is affordable and easy to use. It also enables me to focus on the UK and bring out more targeted keywords. A real bonus!
  2. Choose specific keyword phrases. You are generally better selecting key phrases containing 3 to 5 words.Take Big Fat Balloons:If you query “balloons” in Keyword Discovery you would see it is a popular keyword. However you would also quickly realise that it is too vague and covers things such as “balloons flights” and “balloon pictures” which are not relevant.Keyword phrases such as next day balloon delivery UK or helium balloon gift delivery would be more focussed. What’s more, focussed keywords are less competitive, making your chances of getting good rankings much higher.
  3. You should now have a list of popular key phrases. If you have a lot of key words you could organise them in sections by theme and focus on optimising each page for one or two key phrases.
  4. Learn from your key word search! And use it as market research tool. You might use your keyword finds to rationalise or expand your product range and develop new sections on your web site. For instance when compiling our key word list we discovered that people were searching for – to name but a few, gifts for teachers, gifts in balloons, balloon bouquets. Guess what’s coming next on Big Fat Balloons!

Now you’re ready to pick the right key words for your web site!

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