Spooky Halloween gifts

To get you into the true ‘spirit’ of Halloween this year, Big Fat Balloons have some great ideas for Halloween decorations, presents and trick or treat gifts that will have them quaking in their boots.

For an extra special trick, why not scare them silly by having your spooky gift delivered direct to their door?

You might want to try some of our new Halloween gifts – here are a few of them:

Black Toy Spider: £3.99 (pictured above)

A great trick or treat gift, just imagine the look on your friend’s face if they opened up a red and white striped box to discover this great big black spider hiding inside.  Pull its string and it vibrates and shakes, giving the impression that it’s running across the floor behind you. Just imagine the mums, grandmas and aunts (not to mention dads!) you could terrify with this creepy gift!

Halloween Ghost Balloon Gift
: single balloon £11.99; 3 balloons bouquet £21.99

Fun and spooky, this Halloween balloon is just waiting to jump out at some unsuspecting child and shout ‘Boooo to you!’ Great as a trick or treat accessory, this shimmering, silver ghost on a black background will make a super, spooky gift.

Sophisticated scariness – Halloween Tattoo Balloon gift: single balloon £11.99; 3 balloons bouquet £21.99

If you’re planning to throw a more sophisticated Halloween party, then we’ve just the decoration.  Unusually square shaped, these Halloween Tattoo Balloons have a gothic style black, white and grey design that is spooky yet sophisticated.  If you know someone who is planning a Halloween party, then this Tattoo balloon makes a great and unusual gift.

Halloween is the spookiest night of the year, so what better excuse for a ghostly celebration.  Dig out your pumpkins, wake up the zombies and get ready for the creepiest party of the year!

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