New Christmas Elves Dolls – Santa’s Little Helpers Are Here!

Watch out Santa's Elves are here! The new 2015 Christmas elves by Keel Toys have arrived - these elf dolls are made of soft velour fabric and available in three sizes. Beware of mischief!

Keel Toys Christmas - Santa's Elves 2015

A fun advent tradition

Our new 2015 Christmas elves are now in stock. Have you heard about the Christmas Elf or the Elf on the Shelf? It is a fun advent tradition that is hugely popular with young children.

Father Christmas’s Elves come to visit your family early December. They become part of the family and get into all sorts of mischief at night. They hide around the house and play harmless tricks. Cheeky elves might decorate the Christmas tree with underpants, bake cookies or leave Christmas jokes for the kids – you get the idea.

Keel Toys Christmas elves

This year’s Elves are all made of gorgeous plush velour material. They have a little bell inside that jingles when you move them. They also have velcro on their hands – which comes in useful to hang about and dangle from unusual places. Made to high quality standards by Keel Toys, the dolls are hand washable and suitable for ages one and up.

The elves are available in three sizes (sizes as given for the elves sat down rather than stood up like humans – from the top of the head to their bottom):

Large Christmas Elf Cuddly Doll –  25 cm

Medium Santa’s Elf Soft Toy – 20 cm

Small Santa’s Elf Plush Toy – 12 cm

They are very friendly and make a great addition to festive decorations too. See all of this year’s elves in action! (and remember to tell us what yours have been up to!)

Santa's Elves

Santa’s Elves relaxing on a chair by the fire

Christmas Elves Keel Toys

Having a good stretch while thinking of new elf tricks

Santa's Elf

Double trouble!

Elf hanging on door

I’m not scared of heights

Large Christmas Elf

Lovely plush velour material and stitched on facial features

Christmas Elves - velcro hands

Velcro hands to ‘hang about’ in funny places

Elf dolls sat on bed

Chilling sat on the bed

Elves on a shelf

Sat on the fire place


Elf climbing up on bed

Making use of my velcro hands for a bit of cheeky elf climbing

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