Easter Ideas and Gifts to Entertain All the Family

Keeping the kids amused over the Easter holidays isn’t always easy.  If you’re short on Easter gift ideas or don’t know which activities will keep the kids entertained, then don’t worry, we’ve some fun tips to keep all the family happy throughout the holidays.

Easter gift ideas kids can play with

As an alternative to chocolates this year, why not buy them some outdoor games? It will get them out of the house and keep them amused during the school holidays. It’s also a great way for them to work off all that extra energy Easter eggs have given them! What’s more, cricket and tennis sets or a Frisbee are great fun that can be enjoyed by all the family.

Cuddly bunnies and other Easter soft toys can last a lot longer than chocolate ones. They will provide plenty of play opportunities and won’t melt in the sun either! Books, board games or DVDs will entertain all ages on rainy days.

If you’re planning on spending some quality time together as a family or throwing an Easter party, you might want to try out a few of the following activity ideas.

Easter egg hunts

For a twist on this traditional favourite, why not signpost your trail with some Easter balloons? This way, even younger children can join in the fun.

Egg and spoon race

This is one that the adults can take part in too and it’s always guaranteed to raise a smile! If you don’t have space for a full blown egg and spoon race, why not set a series of tasks that everyone has to do while balancing their egg on the spoon? You could make them stand on one leg, hop, jump, spin in a circle or even set up obstacles for them to climb over. This is a great leveller and often sees the kids beating the adults!

Sweet suckers

Give everyone a straw, a cup and a pile of sweets each (Smarties work well). They then have one minute to transfer as many sweets into the cup using only the straw and suction power – no hands allowed. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Easter Egg Decorating KitEaster egg decorating

Decorating eggs is creative and fun. It just needs a bit of preparation. Using a needle, carefully pierce a hole in both ends of an egg, making one hole slightly larger than the other. With the needle, gently break the yoke inside the egg. Then, using a bowl to catch the egg, blow into the smaller hole. Rinse and drain overnight. When dry, decorate the egg with paints or stick felt on to create your desired effect. To make it even easier, check out our Easter egg decorating kit.

Basket or bonnet decorating

It’s relatively cheap to make an Easter basket or bonnet. Scrunch up coloured tissue paper and use feathers, ribbons and other embellishments to decorate a plain straw hat or basket.

Magic Choc Modelling ChocolateChocolate activities

Easter wouldn’t be the same without chocolate. But you’ll feel less guilty if you make your own chocolate truffles. And just imagine how impressed your party guests will be if you send them home with their own, home-made truffles!

Or you could always have a go with our Magic Choc modelling chocolate play dough – it’s just like play-dough only, once you’ve finished modelling, you can eat your creations!

Hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration for more creative ways to spend your Easter holidays, and if you need any more Easter ideas why not read our Alternative Easter gifts article?

But whatever you get up to at Easter, we hope you have a very happy – and hopefully sunny – holiday.

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