Must-Have Balloon Accessories to Create Stunning Balloon Decorations

Key balloon accessories that will make your life easier

Do you want to create your own impressive balloon decorations for a birthday, wedding or other event? Or you want to hand out balloons as take home party gifts or promotional give away? Check out our list of essential balloon accessories.They will make your life easier, save time and help you ensure your balloons look their best on the day!

For helium filled balloons


Weights are used to hold helium filled balloons in place or prevent them from flying away. A range of weights are available from 8g (to hold down a single helium balloon) to larger, heavier weights that will hold large bunches of balloons.

Balloon Valves and Ribbons


Self sealing balloon valves with ribbons are very easy to use and will enable you to quickly and efficiently inflate latex balloons with helium.

All you need to do is fit the valve before inflation and then inflate as normal. The valves are self sealing, so you don’t need to tie knots. They also allow balloons to be topped up with helium time and time again, helping your display to look fresh for longer.

Each valve comes with a pre-coiled 4 foot white ribbon. The valves are ideal to use when handing out balloons at shows or events as they will save your fingers and time.

You might also want to read our Balloon Valves – Why Use Them and Fitting Instructions post.

Disposable Helium Canister


Helium gas is essential if you want your balloons to float. Helium cylinders are safe and easy to use and you can buy them through us for delivery all over the UK. We also offer a range of small disposable helium cylinders for small quantities of balloons. Read our How to Use Small Helium Cylinders post to see just how easy to use they are.


Hi-Float is an easy to use treatment that allows helium filled latex balloons to float up to 25 times longer. Un-treated latex balloons filled with helium usually float for 8 to 12 hours – with Hi-Float, they will last for over a week.

Curling ribbons

Our 5mm curling ribbons are available in large 500m spools and in a variety of colours to match or contrast with your balloons.

If you are using valves, remember that they come with about 1m of pre-coiled pearl white ribbon.

For air filled balloons

Cups and sticks

Cups and sticks are perfect for promotional hand outs or take home gifts for children’s parties. They are less expensive than valves and the balloons are air filled so you will save on helium costs too. You can also prepare everything in advance as air-filled balloons stay inflated for days.

Pumps and inflators

We recommend you use balloon pumps to inflate balloons with air. You can choose a hand pump or an electric inflator to inflate a very large quantity of balloons quickly.

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