Gift Tips Interview With Audrey Boss Author of Beyond Chocolate

In this Gift Interview, Audrey Boss co-author of ‘Beyond Chocolate: How to stop yo-yo dieting and lose weight for good’ tells us how her boyfriend gave her a romantic pink box full of her favourite goodies and shares her favourite chocolates web site. (Don’t you just love that picture?)

What is the best gift you have ever received?

The best gift I ever received was my Christmas present from my boyfriend 2 years ago. It came in a beautiful pink box and contained a present for each of the 5 senses: a fabulous Diptyque candle for smell, a mammoth box of Valrhona chocolates for taste, an iPod for hearing, a DVD box set of Pedro Alomodovar’s films for sight and a kiss for touch.

I loved it because it was so thoughtful and romantic and contained all of my favourite things. It really showed he’d given it lots of thought. Somehow, if he’d given me just the iPod or the films or the chocolates it would have been more ordinary – the kiss was the best part!

What is the worst present you have received?

My mother’s cousin is an artist and she gave me one of her paintings for my new flat. I thought it was hideous and the colours and style clashed with everything else but I had to hang it in my living room for the sake of family diplomacy!

Who is the most difficult person you have to buy for?

My boyfriend. He has everything he needs and doesn’t have many “wants”. He has very particular likes and dislikes and is really hard to buy stuff for.

Do you enjoy buying gifts?

I love getting gifts for people. I enjoy coming up with really personalised and imaginative ideas and then finding just the right present to fit.

What is your top gift buying tip?

Don’t leave it to the last moment. If you see something which you know fits a particular person, get it – even if Christmas or their birthday is months away.

What are your favourite gift web sites?

I’m passionate about good quality chocolate and you know that it’s always appreciated. At the moment Chococo and Rococo Chocolates are my favourites. Not only is the chocolate exquisite and original but the packaging is beautiful too!


Beyond Chocolate - Audrey BossAudrey Boss is co-author and founder of ‘Beyond Chocolate: How to stop yo-yo dieting and lose weight for good‘ – the intelligent alternative to failed diets, depressing slimming clubs and unrealistic quick fixes for women who want to nail “healthy eating” and get the body they want.

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