Child’s Halloween Party Recipe – Spooky Halloween Spiders

This “Spooky Halloween Spiders” recipe is just the perfect activity for your child’s Halloween party. It requires no cooking whatsoever and is especially safe, mess free and fun to make with young and older children.
They are perfect to put in children’s party bags as a take home treat, so get your little monsters to wash their hands and start the Halloween fun!

My children (2 ½ and 3 ½) loved making these Halloween spiders (result pictured here). They particularly enjoyed eating the spiders’ legs first and waving them at me while shouting with delight “Look Mummy, my spider’s got no legs!”. They laughed even more when I pretended to be scared!

Ingredients to make Halloween Spiders:

  • 1 Packet of mini digestive biscuits or chocolate chip cookies
  • 1 pack of marzipan (I like pre-rolled marzipan best as blocks can be difficult to lay out thin! You might require more marzipan if you want to make lots of spiders. We only made four spiders with a small pack)
  • Liquorice rolls (from a sweet shop or supermarket) – unrolled and chopped in 1 3/4 inch pieces (you can unroll the liquorice strands and chop them in advance if you are making those Halloween spiders with smaller children – older children will enjoy doing it themselves)


Roll the marzipan out with a rolling pin and cut out 1 ¾ inch circles of marzipan using a cookie cutter or the top of a small glass – the marzipan discs need to be a little larger than your biscuits.

Take one of your marzipan discs and fix 4 liquorice legs on each side, letting them hang out on the outside. Put a biscuit and marzipan disc on top and press gently to seal the sides. Don’t forget to make eyes for your spiders with small balls of marzipan or tiny pieces of liquorice.

It’s time to scare each other while eating your spiders!

Have a great Halloween party!


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