Sesame Street Ernie

Ernie, the outgoing foil to the more serious and responsible Bert, is great at explaining things, but can sometimes be a bit too smart for his own good.

He is well known for his fondness for baths with his Rubber duck and for having trouble trying to learn to play the saxophone because he would not “put down the duckie.” The Rubber Ducky song is well known throughout the world.

Ernie talks himself into some tight corners, and often falls prey to his own jokes, yet his free-spirited approach to his successes and failures makes him one of Sesame Street’s most enduring and likeable characters.

Ernie and Bert share an apartment in the basement of 123 Sesame Street. Although nothing official has ever been said, most consider the duo adults, as they do not appear to be highly dependent on others.

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Ernie soft toys

Ernie Sesame Street Doll – a 28cm (11″) doll made to high standards by Gund. He has orange skin, big eyes, sticking out ears, a red nose and a tuft of spiky black hair on the top of his head. He also wears his trademark stripy, red and blue jumper, light blue trousers and red trainers. £13.99

Ernie Puppet – slip your hand inside the puppet to bring Ernie to life and start creating your own exciting stories. Perfect to stimulate the imagination, it’s a gift that’s guaranteed to delight kids (and their parents too) and provide them with hours of inventive play! This 28 cm (11″) hand puppet is a cute Sesame Street character made to high quality standards by Gund. £12.99

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