Wedding Thank You Gifts for Mums and Dads

Thank You balloon Gift

While weddings are all about the bride and groom, it’s wise to remember the people who helped you to get where you are – namely, your parents.

No matter how grand or intimate your wedding, it’s likely that your parents will attend if they can. While it’s not always necessary these days for parents to contribute to the cost of the wedding (although many still do), it’s worth remembering that they’ve supported you throughout your life and your wedding day is a great opportunity to say thank you.

Gifts for Mums

Flowers are a traditional gift for mothers (and step mothers) of the bride and groom, but if you’d like to give them something longer lasting, then jewellery is an option. A locket with a picture of you (or your spouse for his or her parents) or a bracelet engraved with a personal message, are both special thank you gifts for mums.

Gifts for Dads

Dads on the other hand, might welcome a personalised bottle of champagne, wine or whisky. Alternatively you could merge the two gifts together and treat mums and dads to a special meal in a top restaurant or even a weekend away if budgets allow.

For a fun thank you gift, why not send them a thank you balloon? Once you’ve said thank you to all the important people in your life – then just remember to have fun and enjoy your special day!

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