Balloon Marketing – Direct Mail with a Difference Really Takes Off

Micro-P case study

Getting your message across to a busy marketplace isn’t easy. So when Micro-P, one of the UK’s leading IT trade distributors, wanted to promote their new schemes, they came to us for help.

We organised a direct mail with a difference for Micro-P and packed the company’s new brochure within a large colourful box containing a bright smiley face helium balloon.

It’s an extremely effective way to get your message across.

Balloon Marketing - Micro-P Balloon in Box CampainOne (very impressed) recipient commented: “It’s easy to delete e-shots, or file advertising leaflets in the bin, but it’s hard to ignore a large, red and white striped gift box sitting on your desk. And, it’s even more difficult to avoid the smiley balloon that floats out of the box once it’s opened!”

The balloon marketing campaign certainly had the desired effect, gaining a significantly higher response rate than usual email campaigns. In fact, feedback showed that the unusual mail shot was very well received. Many customers contacted Micro-P to say how impressed they were with the balloons, admitting that curiosity made them open the package and read the brochure.

Simon Slater, Business Manager at Micro-P said: “Our balloon marketing campaign was so effective, compared with our e-shots that we commissioned a second campaign. It’s such a fun, simple way to help us get our message across to our target audience.”

“Big Fat Balloons were incredibly easy to work with.  We supplied them with our brochures, mailing list and the date we wanted the mailing to take place. They took care of the rest.”

What is balloon marketing?

Balloon marketing is very similar to our balloon in a box delivery service.

We tie inflated helium balloons to ribbons and weights and place them in large boxes lined with tissue paper. Often a press release, invitation, business card or other company literature are also included in the package.

Your balloons are then sent by courier for delivery on the day of your choice.

Build relationships and increase sales

You can use these targeted mailings for a range of internal and external marketing activities, including:

  • Direct mail – to raise awareness of your company, products and services
  • Press releases – balloons are a novel way to make sure your press release is noticed (and enjoyed) by journalists
  • Employee relationship building – personalised balloon deliveries that reward good work can help to improve morale, productivity and employee loyalty
  • Events and product launches – ideal to help your event or product launch go with a bang!

Other clients have included the BBC and French Connection stores. One of our most memorable campaigns was a pig walking balloons mail out to key supermarket buyers on behalf of a British bacon manufacturer!

While it’s not always easy to promote your goods or services effectively, everyone pays attention to a marketing campaign that stands out. To find out how you can use balloon marketing creatively to grab your customers’ attention, please contact our team today or call us on 01422 300 654.

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