Gift Ideas for Special Birthdays

While flicking through Easy Living magazine last week I came across this birthday gift idea from Holly Tucker and Sophie Cornish, owners of

“If there’s one small thing your friend likes, whether it’s tulips, or a particular chocolate bar, buy the same number of that favorite treat as the age she’s turning. For special birthdays, such as 30ths and 40ths, why not give 30 Lottery tickets or ice 40 fairy cakes? It makes for a really imaginative, but thoughtful present.”

I almost discarded the idea when I realised that on occasions original birthday gift ideas can be hard to find even for the most accomplished of gift givers. Holly and Sophie’s idea was a little gimmicky but it was fun and certainly memorable.

It reminds me that my father in law’s 60th birthday is coming up soon. Although I can’t see him eating his way through 60 fairy cakes, maybe 60 lottery tickets would be a good idea – especially if we manage to get a few winning ones!

That said our special ages birthday balloons are extremely popular so maybe I should just send 60 x 60th birthday balloons

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