Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch

Oscar has a green body, no nose, and lives in a garbage can. His favourite thing in life is trash; evidence for this is the song “I Love Trash”. Oscar can also become mobile with the help of his friend Bruno, the trashman, who carries Oscar around in his can.

He despises all things nice and sweet and loves collecting junk, standing in line, arguing, rainy days, and anchovy milk shakes. One thing Oscar does not like is children playing in front of his garbage can.

Through Oscar, children learn about respect and tolerance, and discover that people whose views and lifestyles are different can still be great friends.

If you’ve ever wondered about the contents of his trash can, it contains Slimey, (Oscar’s pet worm), his pet elephant Fluffy, an orange creature, farm animals, especially a goat and a pig, a swimming pool (or other large body of water), a grand piano and Oscar the Grouch himself. Roomy isn’t it?

Oscar Links

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Oscar Soft Toys

Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch – a 25.5cm (10″) soft toy made to high standards by Gund. Just like the TV character, Oscar the Grouch has bright green fur, huge eyes and furry brown eyebrows. He is featured with his arms wide open peering out of a silver fabric trash can. £13.99

Oscar the Grouch Puppet – hours of play guaranteed as you slip their hand inside the puppet and bring Oscar to life. Perfect to stimulate children’s imagination and encourage role play. This 28cm (11″) puppet is made to high standards by Gund. £12.99

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