Why Some People Almost Always Buy Great Gifts

How is that some people always get it right?

Earlier this week I posted a list of “bad gifts“, I’d gathered from friends and family. As I like to focus on the bright side of life I also asked them to rack their brains for the best gifts they have given or received. One idea led to another and it struck me that it would be great if we could also find out what makes a great gift – and how people who buy great gifts do it!

Here are the results – in no particular order. Enjoy it!

Great Gifts

  • Luxury items: golf bags, Chloe handbag, Tiffany ring, a diamond necklace
  • Scalextric (aged 7)
  • Card signed by all 20 of my friends!
  • Flowers
  • Anything from my favourite clothes shop
  • Things made by my children
  • Love and friendship
  • A Piano
  • A DuPont Pencil
  • A day rally driving
  • Tickets to see Chicago – in New York!!
  • Days racing in a Formula Ford car
  • Afghan hound puppy for my 40th birthday
  • A horse
  • Long weekend break in Paris
  • Playstation
  • A new car from my husband, a complete surprise and kept secret until Christmas day!
  • A bird feeding table which has attracted many different species of birds in my garden and which holds my attention while doing the washing up
  • A Holiday to India for one of my birthdays
  • A bracelet from my husband that I had seen earlier
  • A photo album on my 18th birthday, filled with photos of me from when I was little up to the age of 18, it also had funny comments for every picture. It was a lovely personal present from my mum and dad

Why they were such great gift ideas:

  • Unexpected, inexpensive but personal
  • Exactly what I had been lusting over for weeks!
  • Unusual and made me feel special
  • It was just ACE
  • I got to pick it out myself
  • Originality
  • Someone had taken the time to consider what was important to me
  • Sentimental value
  • I really wanted it but couldn�t afford it
  • It was from my children
  • I use it every day
  • Just for me and exhilarating
  • An experience that I will never forget
  • Made me feel really special
  • Reliving my childhood (big kid at heart)

Sophie’s wisdom (oh dear!)

Still wondering why some people almost always buy great gifts? I guess it is pretty simple – they put some thought, time and effort into it. They try to give something personal – so they get to know people or find out what they like.

No magic – you need to put in the leg work!

That reminds me… I need a Birthday gift, I’m invited to a 30th Birthday party next week. Anyone have a quick fix?

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