Sesame Street Zoe

Zoe is a furry, 3-year-old orange girl monster who gets so excited sometimes that her words cannot get out fast enough. When she is excited and wants to tell someone something, often she’ll forget for a second what that something is.

She is always dressed in a ballerina tutu and as many girls of her age, Zoe is obsessed with ballet and dancing. She has a ride on car – the Zoemobile, and a pet rock – Rocco, much to Elmo‘s constant dismay.

Zoe loves Big Bird, who is her “favourite person in the world”! Zoe can sometimes get jealous if she doesn’t get enough attention.

Zoe Links

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Zoe Soft Toys

Sesame Street Zoe Ballerina – a 30 cm (12″) Zoe Ballerina is a cute orange monster straight out of the popular Sesame Street show. Made to high quality standards by Gund, Zoe has super-soft bright orange fur and is ready to perform in her pink tutu, tights and satin ballet shoes. What a star! £14.99

Zoe Ballerina Puppet – slip your hand inside the puppet to bring Zoe to life and start creating your own exciting stories. Perfect to stimulate the imagination, it’s a gift that’s guaranteed to delight kids (and adults alike) and provide them with hours of inventive play! Zoe is made to high quality standards by Gund. Clad in a pink tutu, she is ready to start dancing. £12.99

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