9 Romantic Gestures to Impress Her on Valentine’s Day

Whether you want to make Valentine’s Day really special for your wife or girlfriend or just want to impress someone new, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the occasion.

If you are unsure where to start, just read on and find out how to really impress the woman in your life with our 9 romantic gestures for a memorable Valentine’s Day.

1 – Choose a good card – Having received no card by lunchtime one Valentine’s day, I casually asked my husband if he had remembered what day it was. To which he replied that he had tried to buy a card the previous day, but faced with a huge queue of men making the same last minute purchase, he decided not to bother. You can imagine how impressed I was! Like most women I know, I wanted a card he’d chosen with a heartfelt message.

A mere signature just won’t do. If you lack inspiration, you could choose a favourite poem to include on the card.

2 – Use your imagination and think of something that’s unique to the two of you such as a romantic walk to a favourite beauty spot. It does not need to be extravagant to be special – when quizzed, most of my friends admitted to wanting to spend the evening at home enjoying a bubble bath, massage and romantic candle lit dinner.

If you really want to get in her good books, seize the opportunity and sort out all the little DIY jobs you’ve promised her for weeks but haven’t got around doing.

3 – Get organised – if you’ve booked a romantic dinner out or a weekend away, make sure you’ve organised childcare too. Frantic phone calls to find a babysitter are not a good start to a romantic Valentine’s Day.

4 – Know her taste – if you buy lingerie make sure you get things she’ll like to wear too. You might want to look in her draws for clues on her favourite colours, fabrics and styles. Check out for sizes too and make sure she has the option to return or exchange it if it is not suitable. If in doubt take her shopping (all large department stores have great lingerie sections).

5 – Hone your cooking skills and impress her with a delicious home cooked meal (remember to clean up afterwards too).

6 – Spend some time together – although it might seem obvious – it happens surprisingly often, don’t spend Valentine’s night glued to your PC. Snuggle up with a favourite film – it sure beats emailing each other from different parts of the house!

7 – Help with domestic chores – I have yet to meet a woman that wouldn’t like to be relieved of domestic chores every now and then. Clean and tidy up the house, volunteer for chores without being asked or get help from professional cleaners. She’ll be pleasantly surprised and hopefully in the right mood for romantic cuddles.

8 – Ignore her if she tells you not to bother with Valentine’s Day. Not only will it feel bleak on the day but worse, she might end up resenting you.

9 – Make romantic gestures all year around – not just for Valentine’s Day. Time to talk, small gifts, help with the chores will all earn you brownie points all year around. After all, Valentine’s Day is just the icing on the cake isn’t it?


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  1. Women's Lingerie // 31 January, 2008 at 6:09 am //

    These are great tips on how to treat her for valentines day. It is true, I am a woman that would just LOVE for my husband to volunteer to do the chores! I would skip the gifts and romantic gestures just to have one day off where I don’t have to pick up after the two babies!

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