Tasty Chocolate Truffles Recipe – that even the kids can help to make

Chocolate Truffles

Baking and making sweets or chocolates is one of my little boys’ favourite treats – in fact, they find it almost as good as actually eating them.

They’re very enthusiastic – but aged only three and four, so simple, straightforward recipes are a must – chocolate and sugar sticky kitchen worktops and floors are definitely NOT favourites of mine.

This easy chocolate truffle recipe got a huge thumbs up from me (limited mess and washing up), the kids (fun and had chocolate in it) and Dad (the truffles are actually delicious).

To turn our chocolate truffles into novelty Easter gifts for friends and family, we decorated them with colour sugar vermicelli to give them a “spring look”. Why not experiment with different coatings to give your truffles a look to match the season, occasion or even your outfit!

If I’m being honest, the results were way above my expectations, although you might want to try the recipe peacefully on your own before letting your kids join in.

Word of warning:
If you decide to cook with children, as always make sure an adult is present to do anything that calls for anything sharp, hot or otherwise dangerous.

So, it’s time to tie up your apron strings and gather the ingredients.

To make about 40 chocolate truffles you will need:

  • 225g / 8oz of plain chocolate roughly chopped
  • 175g / 6oz of unsalted butter chopped
  • 60ml / 4 table spoons of double cream
  • 100g / 4oz of icing sugar
  • 75 / 3oz of grounded almonds
  • Cocoa powder, icing sugar and chocolate or coloured vermicelli to coat the truffles
    Paper cases for sweets or petit fours

To make the chocolate truffles:

  1. Melt the butter and chocolate together in a bowl placed over a saucepan of hot water or in the microwave, stirring with a wooden spoon
  2. Remove from the heat, stir in the cream then gradually stir in the sugar and almonds
  3. Cover and leave to cool in the fridge for a few hours or if time allow overnight
  4. Form the mixture into small balls. Roll them in your hands – the warmth of your hands will slightly melt the chocolate and allow the coatings to stick
  5. Roll each ball in one of the coatings and place in paper cases. Chill in the fridge until firm…

Eat your truffles up – as they do not contain any preservatives or additives, they will only keep for a few days. Even I couldn’t dream up a better excuse to eat lots of chocolate!


If you don’t have the time or the inclination to make your own chocolate truffles, why not check out our range of chocolates? (they are not home made but still delicious!).

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20 Comments on Tasty Chocolate Truffles Recipe – that even the kids can help to make

  1. Heather Thoms // 1 April, 2007 at 10:45 am //

    Just wanted to say that I’ve tried this recipe with my little girl Sara and the choccies are delicious. No way will they last until Easter though, so we’ll have to make some more before then!

  2. Hi Heather! Nice to hear you’ve tried the truffles and liked them – we’ll have some more recipes comming soon. Have a good Easter!


  4. i tried this out it was so simple and so fun to make! and they were very tasty 🙂

  5. I tried making these chocolates and they were fantastic!!

  6. Just making some of these now, the recipe is soooo easy to follow,
    They are in the fridge cooling at the moment taking a while though, but I did do a large batch… of what I have tasted they are lovely 🙂

  7. how many truffles does the recipe make???

  8. The recipe makes about 40 truffles – quite a lot!

  9. Danika's Grammy // 26 October, 2011 at 6:12 am //

    I live in the US and am wondering, what is “double cream?

  10. Hello Danika – I just did a bit of research and I believe double cream can also be called heavy whipping cream, extra heavy cream or manufacturer’s cream. It typically contains more fat than standard cream.

  11. hello, thankyou for the recipe it is a big help. i am making these for my mums birthday. Although i am not sure how long in advanced to make them?? any ideas?? thanks.

  12. Hi Sarah, as those chocolate truffles contain no preservatives they will only keep for a week or so. I would suggest you make them as close to your Mum’s birthday as you can.

  13. I have been looking for recipes for truffles for a christmas presant for my dad THESE SOUND PERFECT!!!
    hope to try these soon yummy!

  14. hello i am lottie and i am trying the recipe and i hope i do not mess it up

  15. Loved them

  16. Hi my 2.5 years teachers got these made by toddlers for mothers day.. We all loved them, and teacher was kind to share!! many thanks.. Apparently I have some double and single cream sitting in my fridge right now. Do you think I can possibly make and freeze these for later use?

  17. Hello Beena, Thanks for your comment. In all fairness I am unsure about freezing those, I think they are best fresh. if you try it. Please let us know how you get on. x

  18. heeeeey these truffles really worked. i am 12 years of age and made them for my mums birthday! she loved them and we had family round. they adored the truffles especially my grandma. i coated my truffles in desicated coconut. thank you so much for putting this super easy recipie on the internet. it saved me buying a prezzie lol

  19. thank you for the recipe. .i would like to give it as a gift to my girlfriend. .how long does it usually last ? like how many days it should be stored before it spoil ? thanks and have a good day 🙂

  20. Hi there, the truffles will keep for three to five days – best kept in the fridge if it’s hot.

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