Gift Tips Interview With Paula Gardner From Do Your Own PR

In This month’s “Gift Tips”, we speak to Paula Gardner From Do Your Own PR. I hope you enjoy it and find inspiration on how to find the perfect gift!

What is the best gift you have ever received?

Probably my bed – gorgeous iron bed that’s very luxurious and decorative. Given to me by my boyfriend (now husband), and such a great gift because I use it every day and still love it!

What is the worst present you have received?

An alarm clock, given to me by a different boyfriend. It was just so boring and unromantic. In fact I had a tantrum and threw it in the duck pond (I was only 17 at the time!).

Who is the most difficult person you have to buy for? Why?

My father as he’s not particularly materialistic. He likes chocolates and play station games but that gets a bit samey after a bit.

Do you enjoy buying gifts?

I like spotting things and keeping them for someone as I know they’ll like them when their birthday comes around.

What is your top gift buying tip?

Sometimes thought and time is appreciated as much as money spent. I once gave a friend a “welcome to your thirties pack” I had made up – big knickers, anti-cellulite cream, anti-wrinkle cream and at the bottom of the box her real present. She thought that was really funny and still tells everyone about it today. Also my daughter put together a little box of notes saying things like “I love your hair” and “You’re the best mum”, and gave it to me for Christmas. It made me cry and realise that people just want to be told they’re loved and appreciated as much as anything else.

What are your favourite gift web sites?

Amazon, as many of my friends and family love books and

About Paula

Paula runs a web site focussing on PR which shows businesses how they can get press coverage for their business and attract new customers through media endorsement.

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  1. I liked the welcome to your thirties gift pack – it could be used for other big birthdays too.

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