New Tatty Puppy Cuddly Dog and Accessories

A cute Me to You  cuddly dog with bags of personality

The latest addition to the My Blue Nose Friends  gang, Tatty Puppy is now sitting on Big Fat Balloons shelves, looking at us with his big loving eyes!

Tatty Puppy likes to dig up treasure, care for My Blue Nose Friends and if you train him well, he will even perform tricks! Sometimes he is a little bit cheeky, but it’s hard to stay cross with him. Maybe it’s because he’s so cute. Woof!

This 8″ cuddly dog looks similar to the ever popular Tatty Teddy bear and has a soft shaggy grey fur on his body and a trademark blue nose.

Tatty Puppy Collar and Certificate

Owner’s certificate

Tatty Puppy comes with a free owners certificate to prove that he belongs to you forever. Make him official and give him a name. You can also record your dog’s likes, dislikes and favourite tricks on the certificate.


The playful pooch also has a range of trendy accessories to make him stand out from the pack. They include collars, squeaky toy bones, collar charms, a kennel, leads, coats, pillows and a carry case!

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Tatty Puppy With CoatFree access code to Me to You My Place

This cheeky dog comes with a unique code which enables him to be ‘unlocked’ online. Tatty Puppy owners can type in the code at Me to You My Place – the free-to-play online social game – to create a digital version of their puppy.

Carte Blanche marketing manager Jocasta Kelsey commented: “We’re very excited about Tatty Puppy because he has such a lot to offer. He’s a delightful piece of plush in his own right, but the fact he has a digital alter-ego makes him really special.”

The social game was developed  by Carte Blanche Greetings and Sharkius Games. It features Me to You’s much-loved characters Tatty Teddy, My Blue Nose Friends and Tatty Puppy. Initially launched on Facebook in December 2010, it was also launched on a on a dedicated, child-friendly website, in August 2011.

Me to You My Place is developed especially for young children. The goal of the game is to help Tatty Puppy rescue My Blue Nose Friends from the harsh environments they have got lost in! Find them, bring them home, care for them and they will become your friends to keep!

It also gives children the opportunity to interact with friends and family on the site within the parent’s control.

> Find out more about Me to You My Place

Find out more

Founded in 1987, Carte Blanche Greetings Limited is a global company based in the UK. Some of their most popular brands are Me to You, My Blue Nose Friends and Tatty Puppy.

Me to You was created in 1995 and Tatty Teddy – the cute bear behind behind the brand – became an instant hit. Over 70 million Me to You teddy bears have been sold since 1995.

My Blue Nose Friends was launched in June 2008 as a range of collectable plush animals.

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