List of My Blue Nose Friends Characters

In Summer 2008, ‘My Blue Nose Friends‘ were released by Carte Blanche – the creators of the Me to You Tatty Teddy. The story given is that Tatty Teddy was lonely and dreamt of a wardrobe full of friends.

My Blue Nose Friends is a range of collectable plush characters, each with its own unique number and personality, all of them with patches and each with a little blue nose.

The range has grown to include over 100 characters and more than 7.3 million pieces of plush have been sold, enough to fill every seat in Wembley Stadium over 80 times!! As it is not always easy for fans and collectors to keep track of all the new additions, we have put together a full list of My Blue Nose Friends Characters so far!

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My Blue Nose Friends Patch Kittywink Blossom Dilly and Toots

No 1 – My Blue Nose Friend Patch the Dog – Patch is a happy dog, a loyal friend indeed – and always there for you.

No 2 – Kittywink the Cat – Kittywink is a mischievous cat who loves chocolate drops – and would give you the last one.

No 3 – Blossom the Rabbit –  Blossom is a rabbit who loves to giggle – especially with you.

No 4 – Dilly the Duck – the fluffy duck who’s sure to raise a smile; and keep you chirpy.

No 5 – Toots the Elephant – Toots is a wise elephant who always has a story to tell; make sure you’re sitting comfortably!

My Blue Nose Friends Binky Twiggy Chip Rocky and Buster

No 6 – Binky the Panda – Binky is the shy panda who has a big heart;  to love you. You might also like Binky the Panda Cushion.

No 7 – Twiggy the Giraffe – Twiggy is a friendly giraffe who loves to chat; but will never tell your secrets.

No 8 – Chip the Zebra – My Blue Nose Friend Chip is a cheeky zebra who loves to tell jokes; and will never fail to make you laugh.

No 9 – Rocky the Lion – Rocky is an heroic lion; your fearless friend who will always look after you.

No 10 – Buster the Leopard – Buster is a lively leopard who loves to play hide and seek; you won’t find a better friend.

My Blue Nose Friends Truffles Cottonsocks Coco Konker and Chalky

No 11 – Truffles the Pig – Truffles is the the sneaky pig who will scoff your last sweet if you’re not looking; so keep him close!

No 12 – Cottonsocks the Sheep – Cottonsocks the cuddly sheep who loves to snuggle up with you; and keep you warm.

No 13 – Coco the Monkey – My Blue Nose Friend Coco is an excitable monkey who loves being the centre of attention; make sure you are watching.

No 14 – Konker the Hedgehog – Konker is the carefree hedgehog who isn’t fussy where he goes; as long as it’s with you.

No 15 – Chalky the Polar Bear – Chalky is the reliable polar bear with a cuddly nature; to make you feel safe and cared for.

My Blue Nose Friends Wise, Chile, Jiggle, Mo, Gum Gum

No 16 – Wise the Owl – Wise is the bright owl who always has his head in a book; unless you want to play.

No 17 – Chilly The Penguin – My Blue Nose Friend Chilly is the perky penguin who’s used to getting his own way; he’ll twist you round his little flipper !

No 18 – Jiggle The Reindeer – Jiggle is the thoughtful reindeer who loves giving gifts; and will always put you first.

No 19 – Mo the Kangaroo – Mo is the caring kangaroo who likes to play Mum; She’ll keep a loving eye on you!

No 20 – My Blue Nose Friend Gum Gum – Gum Gum the gentle koala who can sleep anywhere; but he’s happiest tucked up with you.

My Blue Nose Friends Milkshake, Bobbin, Thomas, Digger, Braken

No 21 – Milkshake the Cow – Milkshake is the loyal and trustworthy cow who loves to follow you around; wherever you go.

No 22 – Bobbin the Horse – Bobbin is a little horse who’s trusting and carefree; she’ll always bring a smile to your face.

No 23 – Thomas the Hippo – Thomas is the huggable hippo who likes to sleep; snuggled up next to you!

No 24 – Digger the Terrier – The dependable terrier with a nose for adventure; he’ll be there to dig you out of trouble!

No 25 – Bracken the Badger –  My Blue Nose Friend Braken is  the bright-eyed badger with a taste for midnight feasts; especially when they’re with you.

My Blue Nose Friends Dot, Breeze, Honey, Splodge and Shelley

No 26 – Dot the Ladybird – Dot is the pretty little ladybird with a bright personality; she’ll cheer you up whatever the weather.

No 27 – Breeze the Butterfly – Breeze is the shy and affectionate butterfly; who will always make your heart flutter.

No 28 – Honey the Bumble Bee – Honey is the daydreaming bumble bee who floats about all day; and will always stick by your side !

No 29 – Splodge the Dalmatian – Splodge is the clumsy dalmatian who’s always in a spot of bother; but knows you’ll be there to look out for him !

No 30 – Shelley the Turtle – Shelley the quiet little turtle with a hard exterior; will always have a soft spot for you!

My Blue Nose Friends - Lily, Eco, Bells, Sugarcube, Tiny

No 31 – Lily the Frog – Lily is a delightful little frog who hops from place to place; but will always be happy to share your pad.

No 32 – Eco the Bat – Eco is the playful little bat who loves to stay up late; he’ll hang around with you all night long!

No 33 – Bells the Reindeer – Bells is the adventurous reindeer who loves to explore; and will always be there to guide you.

No 34 – Sugarcube the Donkey – Sugarcube is the helpful little donkey; he’ll carry you through life when you need him.

No 35 – Tiny the Mouse – Tiny the busy little mouse who hurries around; but she’ll always have time for you.

My Blue Nose Friends Jock, Ruby, Peanuts, Pearl, Fluffy

No 36 – Jock the Moose – My Blue Nose Friend Jock is a strong moose with a tender heart; he’s someone you can always lean on.

No 37 – Ruby the Robin – Ruby is the cheery robin who’s full of song; she’ll always be there to sing you to sleep.

No 38 – Peanuts the Hamster – Peanuts is a kind little hamster who loves to collect things; but would never take anything without asking first.

No 39 – Pearl the Poodle – Pearl is an elegant poodle who loves a cuddle; she’ll always be happy to curl up with you. You might also like our Floppy Pearl the Poodle.

No 40 – Fluffy the Sheepdog – Fluffy the faithful sheepdog who is full of mischief…but he would never pull the wool over your eyes !

My Blue Nose Friends - Snuffle, Melody, Snowdrop, Legend and Scoot

No 41 – Snuffle the Anteater – Snuffle is a curious anteater who has a nose for treats; hide yours and see if he can find them!

No 42 – Melody the Parrot – Melody is an affectionate parrot who loves to talk; perch yourself next to her and she’ll share her feelings with you!

No 43 – Snowdrop the Fluffy Rabbit – My blue Nose Friend Snowdrop is the playful rabbit who loves everything magical; but would never play tricks on you.

No 44 – Legend the Unicorn – Legend is a magical unicorn who is full of knowledge; ask him anything and he’ll point you in the right direction!

No 45 – Scoot the Snail – Scoot is an adventurous snail who loves to travel; but don’t worry he won’t be going anywhere fast.

My Blue Nose Friends Mack, Zee Zee, Wrinkles, Cuddles, Giggles

No 46 – My Blue Nose Friend Mack the Otter – Mack is a laid back otter who loves to float about; with you as a friend he won’t drift far.

No 47 – Zee Zee the Goat – Zee Zee is a stubborn goat who will never give in; but he would never lock horns with you.

No 48 – Winkles the Boxer – Wrinkles is an honest and loyal boxer dog who is full of energy; but he would never run rings around you.

No 49 – Cuddles the Sun Bear – Cuddles the protective sun bear who will always support you; whatever you do she’ll always be there with a hug !

No 50 – Giggles the Baboon – My Blue Nose Friends Giggles is a cheeky baboon who loves to play jokes, but don’t worry, he won’t leave any banana skins for you.

My Blue Nose Friends Goldie, Webster, Sue Shee, Stilts, Whisper

No 51 – Goldie the Labrador – Goldie is a playful Labrador who always likes to be a good sport; he’ll do anything to score brownie points with you.

No 52 – Webster the Spider – Webster is a creative little spider who will capture your imagination; he’ll always have your thoughts in a spin.

No 53 – Sue Shee the Pelican – Sue Shee is a crafty pelican who is always fishing for something, but she’ll never cast a doubt over your friendship.

No 54 – Stilts the Flamingo – Stilts is the patient flamingo who will always keep you in suspense… but don’t worry, she’ll never stand you up!

No 55 – My Blue Nose Friends Whisper the Dear – Whisper is a quiet sensitive deer who loves to stand and listen; but try not to startle her with your stories!

My Blue Nose Friends Blubber, Jungle, Essence, Wanda, Alaska

No 56 – Blubber the Walrus – Bubbler is a noisy walrus who’s incredibly thick skinned; be kind to him and he won’t give you the cold shoulder!

No 57 – Jungle the Orang-utan – Jungle is a crazy orang-utan who loves to branch out; but he’ll always have time to swing by and see you!

No 58 – Essence the Sunk – Essence is a dignified skunk who loves to be noticed, she’ll waft anything under your nose to get noticed.

No 59 – Wanda the Goose – Wanda is a wild but gentle goose who loves to play chase; keep up and she won’t give you the run around.

N0 60 – Alaska the Husky – Alaska is the smooth-talking husky who’ll chat her way out of any situation; stick behind her and she’ll lead you down the right track!

My Blue Nose Friends Whiskers, Kozies, Cranberry, Trotters, Cheddar

No 61 – Whiskers the Seal – Whiskers is a smooth-talking seal who’ll chat his way out of any situation; but he’ll never get you caught up in anything fishy.

No 62 – Kozie the Alpaca – Kozie is a crafty alpaca who could weave his way out of anything; but don’t worry he will never spin you a yarn!

No 63 – Cranberry the Turkey – My Blue Nose Friend Cranberry is a clucky turkey who could drive you crackers; take your eyes off your food and he’ll gobble it up!

No 64 – Trotters the Wild Boar Trotters is the unselfish wild boar who loves to pig out; give him the opportunity and he’ll go the whole hog!

No 65 – Cheddar the Mouse – Cheddar is the sensible field mouse who is always mature about things; she’ll never shy away from a slice of fun, though!

My Blue Nose Friends, Rainbow, Kashmir, Passion, Splash, Peekaboo

No 66 – Rainbow the Puffin – Rainbow is the wacky puffin with a colourful outlook on life; take her under your wing and she won’t get in a flap!

No 67 – Kashmir the Ram – Kashmir is the outspoken ram who always has an opinion; he loves to butt in, but will give you the chance to have your say too.

N0 68 – Passion the Lovebug – Passion is an infectious lovebug who in a flutter will capture your heart; but would never dream of hurting your feelings.

No 69 – Splash the Octopus – Splash is the ambitious octopus who has his tentacles all over the place; he’s a sucker for anything new! You might also like Large Splash the Octopus.

No 70 – My Blue Nose Friend Peekaboo the Mole – Peekaboo is the clumsy mole who always seems to be getting lost; though she’d swear blind that it’s never her fault! You might also like Large Peekaboo the Mole.

My Blue Nose Friends Chase, Midnight, Tango, Oasis, Gossip

No 71 – Chase the Jack Russell – Chase is the energetic Jack Russell who is always on the go… you’d be barking mad to try and keep up with her! You might also like Large Chase the Jack Russell.

No 72 – Midnight the Owl – Midnight is the nocturnal owl who loves a good party; wherever he is, you know it’ll be a hoot!

No 73 – Tango the Toucan – Tango is a colourful toucan who loves to dance; put on a show and he’d love to be top of the bill!

No 74 – Oasis the Camel – My Blue Nose Friends Oasis is the honest camel who would never take you for a ride; stay truthful to her and she won’t get the hump.

No 75 – Gossip the Lizard – Gossip is the tongue-wagging lizard who always has a lot to say; if you try to interrupt him he’ll always have the last word!

My Blue Nose Frineds, Snugs, Peers, Baffle, Noo, Scuba

No 76 – Snugs the Chinchilla – Snugs is the cuddly chinchilla who always has time for a hug; as long as you welcome her with open arms.

No 77 – Peers the Meerkat – Peers is the nosy meerkat who loves to be involved in everything; he just wants to stand up and be counted.

No 78 – My Blue Nose Friend Baffle the Fox – Baffle is a sly fox who will amaze you with his tricks; watch closely, otherwise he might puzzle you even more! Add this cute friend to your collection today!

No 79 – Noo the Wilderbeast – Noo is a messy wilderbeast who ‘s always getting himself in a tangle; but he’ll try hard not to get you caught up in it!

No 80 – Scuba the Dolphin – Scuba is a tame dolphin who would love to net your friendship; she promises not to treat it like a drop in the ocean. Add this cute friend to your collection today!

My Blue Nose Friends Ivory, Flame, Needles, Quiver, Bengal

No 81 – Ivory the Rhino – My Blue Nose Friend Ivory is a no-nonsense rhino who gets straight to the point; lock horns with her and you’ll soon know who’s in charge.

No 82 – Flame the Dragon – Flame is a fiery dragon whose personality could light up any room. Her burning ambition is to strike a friendship with you.

No 83 – Needles the Woolly Mammoth – Needles is an hilarious woolly mammoth whose jokes will have you in stitches; stay cottoned on and you’ll have a ball!

No 84 – Quiver the Emperor Penguin – Quiver is a daring Emperor Penguin who loves to skate on thin ice; on the flip side there’s no chance of your friendship cracking.

No 85 – My Blue Nose Friend Bengal the Tiger – Bengal is a prowling white tiger who’ll roar her way to your heart; she’ll never stray far and will always be within a whisker of you.

My Blue Nose Friends Alpine, Feathers, Nutmeg, Buck, Yabber

No 86 – Alpine the Bernese Mountain Dog – Alpine is an intelligent Bernese Mountain Dog who would do anything for you; he’ll lead you to the top but won’t bark orders.

No 87 – Feathers the Peacock – Feathers is the extravagant peacock who loves to be the focus of attention; spread the word and he’ll be your biggest fan!

No 88 – Nutmeg the Squirrel – My Blue Nose Friend Nutmeg is a kind and considerate squirrel, who loves to hoard things; she’ll try not to drive you nuts!

No 89 – Buck the Beaver – Buck is a hard working beaver who loves to get his teeth into anything; lodge with him and you’ll understand why.

No 90 – Yabber the Duck Billed Platypus – Yabber is a chattering Duck-billed platypus who has the gift of the gab; whatever the situation he will talk his way out of it.

My Blue Nose Friends Koodo, Ripple, Scraps, Runner, Foo, Float

No 91 – Koodo the antelope – My Blue Nose Friend Koodoo is a dynamic antelope who likes to rise to a challenge; she is leaps and bounds above all antelopes

No 92 – Ripple the Swan – Ripple is a graceful swan who goes about things in her own way; but she’ll always stick her neck out for you!

No 93 – Scraps the Rat – Scraps is a fussy rat who is always seeking the road to perfection; with your help he’ll stay streets ahead!

No 94 – Runner the Ostrich – Runner is a hard-working ostrich who always gets her head down; she’ll never shy away from helping out her friends.

No 95 – My Blue Nose Friend Foo the Pug – Foo is an inquisitive pug who loves nothing more than to sniff out the gossip; she’s happy to share it if you lead the way!

No 96 – Float the Manatee – Float is a chilled-out manatee who loves to spend half his day sleeping; mess up his routine and he’ll be all at sea.

My Blue Nose Friends - Tropic, Treetops, Ocean, Ramble, Shelter, Jewel

No 97 – Tropic the Seahorse – Tropic is an he exotic seahorse who loves to make a wave of difference; compared to others he’s a different kettle of fish

No 98 – Treetops the Gorilla – Treetops is a lazy gorilla who loves nothing more than to sit and chill; although he’ll always happily swing by to help you out!

No 99 – Ocean the Sea Turtle – Ocean is a  flamboyant sea turtle who will go to great depths for her friends; deep down she sees you as her best friend!

N0 100 – My Blue Nose Friends Ramble the Centipede – Ramble is a non-stop centipede who loves to walk and explore; follow in his footsteps and you’ll have tons of fun!

No 101 – Shelter the Woodlouse – Shelter is a quiet woodlouse who keeps himself to himself; underneath it all though he knows he’d have a ball with you.

No 102 – Jewel the Corgi – Jewel is a proud corgi who’s a shining example of a good friend; to crown it all she’ll make you feel like a king or a queen!

My Blue Nose Friends Shield, Squabble, Paws, Pipsqueak

N0 103 – My Blue Nose Friend Shield the Armadillo – Shield is the brave Armadillo who’ll do all he can to protect you; behind it all though he’s a real softy at heart.

No 104 – Squabble the Pigeon – Squabble is the unpredictable pigeon who likes to surprise his friends; he’ll always let you know when he’s going to drop by.

No 105 – Paws the Persian Cat – Paws is the glamorous Persian cat who always loves to look her best; with your help she could be a catwalk queen!

N0 106 – Pipsqueak the Chihuahua – Pipsqueak is the confident Chihuahua who loves to collar the attention of others…with your friendship she can lead by example.

My Blue Nose Friends Culture the chameleon, Smoo the Highland cow, Comedy the Hyena, Spirit the Lemur and Twist the Snake

No 107 – Culture the Chameleon –  Culture is the funky chameleon who’s forever changing his mind; but he’ll never disguise the fact that he’s friends with you.

N0 108 – Smoo the Highland Cow – Smoo is a Highland Cow who’ll clamber up the steepest slope; to make sure she stays by your side.

No 109 – My Blue Nose Friend Comedy the Hyena – Comedy is a witty Hyena who’ll have you in tears of laughter; joking aside, she just loves to make you smile!

No 110 – Spirit the Lemur – Spirit is a loveable Lemur who’s bursting with energy; but he’ll always have time for a quiet moment with you.

No 111 – Twist the Snake – Twist is an enchanting Snake with a spellbinding personality; if you have a problem, she’ll conjure the perfect solution.

My Blue Nose Friends Scuttle, Bixie, Flip and Spangle

No 112 – Scuttle the Crab – Scuttle is an inquisitive crab who loves to explore; when you need a friend, he’s a rock you can always depend on.

No 113 – My Blue Nose Friend Bixie the Spaniel – Bixie is a the cute Cocker Spaniel who loves a snooze; but when you’re in the room, he’s all ears!

No 114 – Flip the Gecko – Flip is the dippy Gecko who’ll turn your life upside-down; but don’t worry, his feet always land on solid ground.

No 115 – Spangle the Starfish – Spangle is a shimmery Starfish who’s the best friend you can imagine; she’ll stick with you from beginning to end!

My Blue Nose Friends Pout, Abbey, Crest and Glide

No 116 – Glide the Pegasus – Glide is a well groomed Pegasus who loves adventure; but she’ll always land smoothly at your side.

No 117 – Crest the Pterosaur – Crest is a timid Pterosaur who can’t wait to love you; he’s just waiting to be discovered.

No 118 – Pout The Puffer Fish – Pout is an eager puffer fish with a well rounded attitude; he’s bursting with love for you.

No 119 – Abbey the British Cat –  My Blue Nose friend Abbey is a well-bread British cat with a pedigree outlook on life; she thinks you’re a perfectly funky friend.

My Blue Nose Frined Ziga, Flash,Tinsel, Avery

No 120 – Ziza the African Elephant – Ziza is a gentle African Elephant who always knows where to find a friend; she’d cross the widest desert for you.

No 121 – Flash the Dragon – Flash is a pretty dragon who never gets in a flap; make a wish and all your dreams will come true!

No 122 – My Blue Nose Friend Avery the Chick – Avery is an adorable chick who never wants to grow up… being fluffy is so much fun!

No 123 – Tinsel the Arctic Fox – Tinsel is a fun-loving fox who loves to celebrate; parties always sparkle when she’s around!

My Blue Nose Friends Aimee the Love bird, Pudge the Triceratops, Leboo the Masai Lion and Deelish the Wombat

N0 124 – Aimee the Love Bird – Aimee is a loopy Love Bird who’s forever falling head over heels, she has a new admirer waiting in the wings!

No 126- Pudge the Triceratops – Pudge is a permanently peckish pink Triceratops who chomps all day, but this hungry herbivore loves hanging out with you too!

No 126 – Leboo the Masai Lion – Leboo is a stunning Masai Lion who loves to stand out, wherever he roams, he’s always the mane attraction!

No 127 – Deelish the Wombat – Deelish is a wombat wannabe DJ who likes to spin discs and is always up for a party with friends.

My Blue Nose Friends Eduardo the Axolotl, Dash the Cheeta, Frizzi the Lamb, Diva the Canary

No 128 – My Blue Nose Friend Diva the Canary – Diva is the superstar canary who always hits the high notes; at any event she loves to be centre stage.

No 129 – Frizzie the Lamb – Frizzie is the inquisitive little lamb who’s always getting lost; but now he’s met you, he’ll stay close to home.

No 130 – Dash the Cheetah – My Blue Nose Friends Dash is the energetic cheetah who can’t keep still; try to keep up if you can!

No 131 – Eduardo the Axolotl – Eduardo is the animated axolotl who bubbles with enthusiasm; when Eduardo’s around, everything goes swimmingly!

My Blue Nose Friends Pandora the Pearl Oyster, Denzil the Komodo Dragon, Soprano the Shetland Pony, Soprano the Shetland Pony

No 132 – Pandora the Pearl Oyster – Pandora is the beautiful pearl oyster who loves to hide; if you can find her, she’ll dazzle you with surprises.

No 133 – Tatty PuppyTatty Puppy is the lovable pup who’s on a mission to make you laugh; watch out for those cheeky pranks!

No  134 – Denzil the Komodo Dragon -Denzil is the chilled Komodo Dragon who’s calm in any crisis; when the heat is on, Denzil always stays cool.

No 135 – Soprano the Shetland Pony – Soprano is the pint-sized Shetland Pony who loves to sing with friends; because everything’s better in harmony!

My Blue Nose Friends, Nelson the Narwhal, Spartacus the Labradoodle, Sahara the Scorpion, China the Red Panda

N0 136 – Nelson The Narwhal – Nelson is a knowledgeable Narwhal, expert in all things nautical, he’ll steer you clear of deep waters.

N0 137 – Spartacus the Labradoodle – Spartacus is a brave Labradoodle, he might be fluffy but he’ll fight for your friendship.

No 138 – My Blue Nose Friend – China the Red Panda – China is a beautiful rare Red Panda, she is small and shy but if you find her she’ll bring you luck.

No 139 – Sahara the Scorpion – Sahara is a passionate pink scorpion, she’s loyal, loving and determined to be the best possible friend!

My Blue Nose Frineds - Hugo The Killer Whale, Scamp the gerbil, Sasha the Silk Moth and Blanche the Stoat

N0 140 – Scamp the Gerbil – Scamp is the daredevil gerbil who leaps into the unknown; but when evening comes he prefers to snuggle with friends!

No 141 – Hugo the Killer Whale – Hugo is a happy orca who loves to leap and laugh, make him smile and he’ll create a big splash for you!

No 142 – Sasha the Silk Moth – Sasha is the beautiful silk moth who weaves mystery wherever she goes; follow her and you’ll soon be in a spin!

No 143 – Blanche the Stoat – Blanche is the pure white stoat who loves to keep things clean; but she always has time for friends!

My Blue Nose Friends Stephen the Seagull, Snoozi the Sloth, Roger the Raccoon and Tica the Tree Frog. January 2015

No 144 – Roger the Raccoon – Roger is a resourceful raccoon, loves to help out friends and can find a fix for anything!

No 145 – Snoozi the Sloth – Snoozi is a sleepy Sloth who loves to hand around in the rainforest. She dreams of hanging out with you.

No 146 – Stephen the Seagull – Stephen is the seagull who loves an ice cream at the seaside and enjoys sharing one with friends.

No 147 – Tica the Tree Frog – Tica is a vibrant Tree Frog, she like to stand out from the crowd, but will always stand by your side.

My Blue Nose Friends Sebastian the Sabre Tooth Tiger, Rascal The Schnauzer, Twinkletoes the Floppy Eared Rabbit and Pippa the Chimpmunk

No 148 – Sebastian the Sabre Tooth Tiger – Sebastian is the loveable sabre tooth tiger. Don’t be fooled by his big teeth, he’s just a big old softy!

No 149 – Rascal the Schnauzer – Rascal is the playful Schnauzer who likes to keep you on your toes and loves nothing more than enjoying time with his friends!

N0 150 – Special Edition Twinkletoes the Floppy Eared Rabbit – My Blue Nose Friends Twinkletoes is the floppy eared rabbit who loves to dance. Put on your dancing shoes and she’ll have you in a twirl!

No 151 – Pippa the Chimpmunk – Pippa is the tiny chipmunk who is always rushing around but loves to take a break with you.

My Blue Nose Friends - Bobby The German Shepherd, Spike the crocodile, Perky the pagolin and Claudia the Siamese Cat

N0 152 – Spike the Crocodile – Spike is the happy snappy crocodile; don’t be scared of his sharp teeth as he always has a big smile for you.

No 153 – Bobbi te German Shepherd – Bobbi is an obedient and loyal German Shepherd who is always there to help you when you need a friend.

N0 154 – Perky the Pangolin – Perky is a pangolin who loves to sleep in the day, so he needs your help to stay protected while he’s dreaming!

N0 155 – Claudia the Siamese Cat – Claudia is an affectionate Siamese Cat who loves nothing more than spending her time with you.

My Blue Nose Friends Honey the Badger, Pizazz the Appaloosa Horse, Tallulah the Kings Charles Spaniel and Ceecee the Shrimp

N0 156 – Chuck the Honey Badger – Chuck is a fun-loving and fearless badger, he may not have many friends but he will always be sweet for you.

No 157 – Pizazz the Appaloosa Horse – Pizazz is a super intelligent appaloosa, when it comes to friendship he’s spot on.

No 158 – Tallulah the King Charles Spaniel – Tallulah is a loving King Charles Spaniel, treat her like royalty and she’ll be a friend for life.

N0 159 – Ceecee the Shrimp – Ceecee is a timid shrimp that often shies away from danger. But once you’ve gained her trust she will keep you protected forever.

N0 160 –  Fudge the Guinea Pig – My blue Nose Friend Fudge is a shy and mysterious Guinea Pig who loves to squeak… be his friend and he’ll squeak all day with you.

No 161 – Sandy the Crab Hermit – Sandy is the crab hermit that loves to move around; keep an eye on her as she might give you a cheeky pinch.

N0 162 – Betsey The Basset Hound – Betsey is the drowsy Basset Hound; she might love sleeping but she will always have time to sniff out a treat for you.

No 163 – Dougie The Markhor – Dougie is the sporty agile Markhor; he’ll have you in a twist with his fancy footwork.

No 164 – Ezra the Llama – Ezra is a laid back llama that likes nothing more than keeping you warn with its fluffy coat.

No 165 – Felix the Ferret – Felix is a playful ferret who’s full of energy, he runs around until you’re dizzy, but never fear as he is always there to catch you if you fall.

No 166 – My Blue Nose Friends Bubbles the Manta Ray – Bubbles is the gentle Manta Ray who will worry you with her acrobatics, with a twist and a jump she is always ready to have splash for you.

No 167 – Dolly The Staffordshire Bull Terrier – Dolly is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a cheeky smile, tickle her chin and she will bounce with joy.

N0 168 – Cluck the Chicken – Cluck is a ditsy chicken that always gets her feathers in a twist; after a busy day she’ll always make time to give you a peck on the cheek before bed.

No 169 – Doris the Loris – Doris is a sleepy Loris that loves nothing more than cuddling up and falling asleep in your arms; shhhh sweet dreams little one.

No 170 – Rollo the Sugar Glider -Rollo is the jolly sugar glider that zips and zooms through the air sprinkling happiness wherever he goes!

No 171 – George the Silver Fox – George is a handsome silver fox; with his stunning shiny coat he’ll always be the best looking fox in town.

N0 172 – Ssssynthia the Python -Ssssynthia is the Hisssssterical Python; she’ll make you laugh until your sssssocks fall off!

No  173 – Zzzzabella the Queen Bee – Zzzzabella is a bossy queen bee that will keep you in check; she might be fierce but you will always be her honey!

No 174 – Zippy the Road Runner – Zippy is a speedy road runner that always wins the race; he might take first place but you’ll always be his number 1!

No 175 – Bruce the Gayal -Bruce is a strong and powerful Gayal; he’ll keep you protected in times of danger.

No 176 – Holly the Magpie – Holly is the Magpie that will swoop into your life, leaving a little sparkle wherever she goes.

No 177 – Snowball the Lion Haired Rabbit – Snowball is the fluffy lion haired rabbit that loves giving you a snuggle, give him cuddles everyday and he will be your snuggle buddy forever.

No 178 – Trixie the Shih Tzu – Trixie is the show stopping glamorous Shih Tzu; She might wow the judges but she will always be your shining star.

No 179 – Jack The Yak – Jack is the mild-mannered yak, he may be big and tall but he is quite a gentle giant at heart.

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80 Comments on List of My Blue Nose Friends Characters

  1. A great uptodate list of my special friends. So many that I have that mark special occaions, friedships, family and milestones in my life. I can even checkout their personalities to choose the best suited personality for a new addition. Thanks ever so much. T xxx

  2. i think it is a wonderful collecion i have a 7 yr old little girl just starting her collecion of the medium £10 ones and it is so hard to get them i know you cant keep everything in stock but you should be able to order them even if it is only the teddys

  3. Hello Kerry, Thanks for your message we do have a few of the £10 My Blue Nose Friends in stock. However they only made some of the characters in that larger size and once a model has sold out Carte Blanche doesn’t make any more of it, which is why some models are hard to get hold of!

  4. I live in the USA, I have all of them. I keep up to date and buy from ebay if i have to. I have a room just for ( me to you bears ) and ( my blue nose friends ). the paint colors go the the bears and theme. I got about 400 bears from the UK. There are all from me to you bears.

    From limited Edtion too. I visits the UK 5 yrs ago. i have been a buying them seen then.

    People keep asking where i buy them in the USA, and keep telling them you can’t.

    it is the best bears and love them all

  5. WOW! You have foumd out all the names of the blue noses. I betntou was glad when you had finished for it would have taken a while to do.

  6. I love these little things I wish I had them all can you imagine what it would be like to have all of them

  7. is there a list if the figurines anywhere

  8. I have all 115 of these, (big help from my bf!) and have recently bought the latest 4… Does anybody know how often new ones are released? I want to add to the collection I already have 🙂

  9. Hi Lucy all 115 is quite a collection! Launch dates for the new My Blue Nose Friends can vary. They are usually every three months – So watch out in September!

  10. does anyone know if there is patch the dog and kittywink the cat cottonscoks the sheep and coco the monkey for sale I really want them 😉 🙂

  11. I have recently collected ALL the above for my 3 yr old daughter she loves them all, i must say i did pay alot for some of the limited/older ones, all of these i got from Ebay always on there im glad u can now just buy the new ones every few months..spent a fortune lol

  12. i adore blue noses but i only have ten:(

  13. i love blue noses

  14. so if u live in united states u cant buy them

  15. me and my cousin and my brother collected only 30 i wish i have them all

  16. hey it’s me again now we got 45

  17. is there a new pack in feb?

  18. The next My Blue Nose Friends launch will be March 2014

  19. oh ok

  20. what’s the latest news about blue nose friends

  21. Are Amiee, Pudge,Leboo and Deelish numbered as the last one I bought for my granddaughter is no 123 Tinsle and these new ones don’t seem to have a number so are they not to continue the others as they are a new collection

  22. Hello Carol, Carte Blanche has just stopped numbering the new blue nose friends, but they are all part of the same collection.

  23. Thanks for your reply Sophie

  24. Got my 7th Blue Nose Friend today. Pudge the Triceratops. One of the limited addition

  25. When are the next friends out

  26. The next My Blue Nose Friends will be out in March 🙂

  27. Hi I have all 123 blue nose friends. It took me a long time to get the older ones and some cost a lot more than expected (£30 for just one) but love the collection. Shame that they have stopped numbering the new ones as it was so much easier to keep a track of. Do we no if there will be any more limited/special editions soon as there doesn’t seem to have been one for a while!

  28. i just opened the carte blanch website and i saw a yellow bird his/her name is diva who is she/he

  29. nevermind

  30. Hi Sophie , I don’t seem to be able to locate a seller who has a 4in Plush number 17 Chilly can you help at all?

  31. Sophie could you please advised me the names of the friends which will be following Deelish

  32. Hi Carol, I am sorry but some of the older models have now run out of stock. You might find them on ebay.

  33. Just adore!! Haven’t been overseas in a few years, but fell in love with Me 2 You way back when and just stumbled upon Mack! Am an instant fan!! I am sad to see no alligator or crocodile … are you still adding animals? I have a son named Oliver and he is my Ollie-gator and I collect gators for him and my daughter is my Audrey Otter 😉 the otters of course are for her… would LOVE to know there’s hope for a gator?? Either way … LOVE this line!!!

  34. There are still new items being added every few months, so they might have an alligator at some point!

  35. are they gonna make new episodes because they made only 4

  36. i have about 40 (mainly new ones) and i can not seem to find the old ones but my cosin has some of the old ones

    where can i find them cheap ?
    plus i dont trust ebay

  37. I love all of them but i only have six

  38. Oh the husky and flash the dragon is so cute bluenose friends are so awesome

  39. I love them. If there are 122 (and climbing) I have a long way to go. 96 to go.

  40. Carol kirk // 3 May, 2014 at 9:30 pm //

    When will the next lot of MBNF be in the shops

  41. Carol kirk // 3 May, 2014 at 9:32 pm //

    Could you please tell me when the next MBNF will be in the shops

  42. Hello Carol, The new blue nose friends will be out in June. There will be a Komodo dragon, a pearl, a pink Tatty Puppy and a Shetland Pony!

  43. Joanne Bailey // 24 May, 2014 at 5:18 pm //

    Is this all of them you can get so far? I’ve only 44 /: so on the hunt for the rest I haven’t got 🙂

  44. Good luck with building your collection!

  45. i like the new ones i bought 6 more yesterday i wish i have them all i have a question,you said they will stop numbering them i see numbers

  46. They had stopped numbering but started again. Back by popular demand I guess!

  47. Hi!
    I have a huge hedgehog obsession at the moment since adopting an African Pygmy Hedgehog and happened upon MBNF Konker. I bought one for myself and showed my mum (who has been a tatty teddy fan for many years), and she wanted one so I had to buy one for her too! Thank god for eBay!
    But now I want to collect all MBNF!
    I am watching some of the older ones on eBay, and picked up Eduardo the axolotl and Pudge the triceratops earlier today.
    Only 3 so far, and a long way to go until I catch up, but I reckon I can justify £20 every 3 months for the new sets when they can come out 🙂

  48. i really love toots the elephant but unfortunately i can’t find him the question is why?

  49. The little one has sold out so isn’t available anymore. You can yet the larger floppy one here

  50. Hi I am really lucky have a great collection all but the last 8. My husband says we need a bigger house as I also have a 3ft bear, the tatty ted chair, the mat, plus 174 figurines and still adding. I cherish them.

  51. Hello! I like some of them so much, I have nice collection too. Just wonder, why they don’t make it raccoon, possum or tasmanian devil? Wolf will be nice too (was only limited edition) instead a few dogs, cats, rabits, lions, elephents etc 🙁

  52. i stopped collecting because they stopped selling them where i live do they sell them in amarica because i’m going there

  53. Do you know if the older ones (I have number 8 and 12) and the limited editions are worth more to sell? I’m selling my collection and want to know if prices vary.

  54. Some of the older ones might fetch more – you might want to check ebay!

  55. I have nearly all of them when do the blue noses come out.

  56. Great Daisy. This must be quite a collection!

  57. Hello Sophie, i love blue nose friends, im a collector of the 4″ plush, so far i have 77 and ive been collecting since 2012, and i was wondering if you know of any shope which sell Jungle the Orangutan because i have been looking for this one to add to my collection.

  58. Hello Tiara,

    I am sorry I don’t know where you could get Jungle. Good luck with your large collection!

  59. Hello Sophie,
    Thank you very much for this page.
    I am French and love the Blue Noses in all sizes.
    I have all the collection in 4″ and I am very happy to find the images, the numbers and the phrases from every model.
    I learn english and this is a good lesson.
    I am on help discover the collection to the french lover then we have that not by us.

  60. Thanks Nicole, I am glad to see the Blue Nose Friends are popular overseas too.

  61. I have every single one and all special editions. They are addictive

  62. I love me to you. I have all the ones dressed as different animals. Various other tatty teddies and pj’s. My car even has the tatty teddy touch. I’m obsessed! I just love them.

  63. Hello again Sophie. I hope you had a nice christmas. I was wondering if you know if the following blue nose friends are a boy or girl. It will be well appreciated.
    Twiggy the Giraffe
    Toots the Elephant and
    Binky the Panda
    Thankyou and I wish you a happy new year x

  64. Not sure to be honest! I would Have said the giraffe was a girl and the other two boys??

  65. Okay thankyou sophie. I needed to know because everytime time I get new blue nose friends I write down all the information like their their name, where I got them from, the date I got them and if they are girl or boy.

  66. Linda McCulloch // 12 January, 2015 at 9:42 am //

    Is this a current list?
    Where can I buy them in the USA?

  67. Hello Linda, It is a list of all the Blue Nose Friends. Lots of them have now sold out. I don’t know where they might be available in the USA.

  68. They could maybe do snowman blue nose xx just an suggestionxxx :)) 🙂

  69. I have 86 blue nose friends. They should make a human lol 🙆

  70. Human is definitely the one missing animal!

  71. Do you know of any websites that I could sell my large collection on? I have all of the 4″ plush from number 1 to 100, plus about 20 of the 8″ plush as well! I can’t find anywhere to sell them and any help would be appreciated!

  72. Hello,
    I am coming on our side to look the numbers then I search these from 2016.
    I see you did write an other order as the check list I did find.
    and I search the numbers 168 to 174 … to complete

  73. Your list is so detailed that in includes the number, name and description of the Blue nose friend! Thank you for uploading! It is very useful!

  74. How many more blue nose friends are going to be made? When my daughter started collecting these we were advise 150, she has every one, and wound really like to know when the collection will be complete?

  75. Hi Kelly, I am not sure how many will be made I think it is open although there is no plans for any new models at the moment – Some of the older models will be re-issued later this year

  76. Very nice post! I love Blue Nose Friends.

  77. Sarah Taylor // 4 April, 2018 at 11:51 pm //

    Do you know if they will be doing a French bulldog blue nose?

  78. I only have patch the dog, he is so cute! I have a little one of Patch, and medium.

  79. I have the complete collection in 4″ !!! Woohooo

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