Valentine’s Day Ideas to Celebrate The Most Romantic Day of the Year

February 14th is traditionally the most romantic day of the year – yet if you have small children and no baby sitter or if you haven’t got a “Valentine” you might feel left out.Why not take up the chance of a celebration with the people you love instead?

You could invite a few close friends, or have a Valentine’s tea with kids. From activities to games and party decorations we’ve put together some Valentine’s Day ideas for a fun filled day.

red illoom balloons for Valentine's dayValentine’s Party Decorations

A few simple decorations are sure to put everyone in a cheerful mood! Fill a few Valentine’s party balloons with air or helium to decorate your house. Illoom balloons glow in the dark and will create a unique party atmosphere.

Spruce up your table with red confetti and tea lights.

Valentine’s Day activities

Sealed with a kiss

If you have children they might enjoy making cards in the run-up to February 14th, so get a few craft supplies and let their imaginations run wild! They can send them anonymously to classmates or friends.

(Not so) romantic poetry

Children could also try their hand at poetry. Why not let them complete the last two lines of “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…” and transform this old love poem with any original or funny ideas! Try these two examples to get the giggles started and creative juices flowing:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Onions stink
And so do you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Cashews are nuts
And so are you

Home baked treats and party food

Why not bake some love themed treats and share them with friends and relatives? For tasty home-make treats, check out our Valentine’s Day recipes. They will make great party foods, or a thoughtful gift for your partner. Our Jammie Dodgers Recipe, Valentine’s Chocolate Hearts Biscuit Recipe or Tasty Chocolate Truffles Recipe are all easy to make so kids can help you too.

If you’re having a party, you could cut your sandwiches in heart shapes with a large cookie cutter and have plenty of pink and red foods (cherry tomatoes, pizza, strawberries and so on…).

Valentine’s Day Games

With a little imagination it is easy to give traditional party games a Valentine twist. You could play musical statues or musical bumps to love songs or make a pass the parcel package with heart shaped sweets or chocolates. Here are a few more hearty games:

Heart hunt
Hide chocolate hearts, small packs of love hearts or chocolate coins around the house or garden.

Guessing games
A simple variation to a traditional guessing game! Simply fill a jar with heart shaped sweets and have guests guess how many hearts are in the jar. The person who comes the closest without going over wins the jar of candy.

Broken hearts game
Cut large hearts out of red card. Making sure each heart is unique, cut the hearts in half, making a zig zag or jagged edge. Give each party guest one heart piece and tell them to find their match by finding the other half.

Movie date

If there are just the two of you, why not stay in and have an intimate movie date. Snuggle up together with a romantic film and a pack of popcorn. If you have kids why not pop on one of Disney’s classic love stories like The Little Mermaid or The Lady and the Tramp?

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