Your Feedback on Big Fat Balloons

Big Fat Balloons Customer Comments

We’re always delighted to hear your feedback on our balloons, teddy bears and chocolates deliveries. It helps us improve our service and of course it’s always good to hear about it if we’re doing a good job!

Here are some of the comments we received this month:

“Arrived in plenty of time – had a good laugh and surprise.”

“The 80th Birthday balloon arrived here safely – excellent.   My husband was thrilled! Many thanks. Carole.”

“Very impressed with your service. Bliss Harriet my great, great niece loved her pony balloon. Thank you very much. Best wishes Kath.”

“The balloon is still fantastically inflated 6 days after my birthday. Thanks.”

“My heart shaped walking balloon has been great. Every time we walked past it would follow. Really lovely idea having two legs! Pat.”

“My balloon is still up after 3 weeks!”

“The postcard to say thank you was cool!”

“Thanks for your excellent service.  I have received Flatout teddy and will be taking it to our new sweetie pie darling baby Yvie today, will recommend you to friends and family. Cheers Ann.”

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